Is The Trans-Pacific Partnership President Obama’s Vietnam?

President Obama, US Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and business leaders discuss the Trans-Pacific Partnership at the US Department of Agriculture in Washington, DC, on Tuesday, October 6, 2015. (Photo: US Department of Agriculture / Flickr)

By Dean Baker for Truthout – The prospects for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) are not looking very good right now. Both parties’ presidential candidates have come out against the deal. Donald Trump has placed it at the top of his list of bad trade deals that he wants to stop or reverse. Hillary Clinton had been a supporter as secretary of state, but has since joined the opposition in response to overwhelming pressure from the Democratic base. As a concession to President Obama, the Democratic platform does not explicitly oppose the TPP.

Massive Crowd, Giant Blimp, Protests Trans-Pacific Partnership


By Staff of Fight for the Future – The show also featured speakers from a wide range of organizations opposing the TPP, including Food and Water Watch, Public Citizen, Padres y Jovenes Unidos, the Sierra Club, the Association of Flight Attendants, Conservation Colorado, Rocky Mountain Farmers Union, Standing Up for Racial Justice, United Steelworkers, Denver-based technology startup SecureSet, Communications Workers of America, Student Labor Action Project, and more. Of course, there were also crushing guitar solos.

Hundreds March To Stop The Trans-Pacific Partnership In Philly


By Margaret Flowers. Philadelphia, PA – Thousands of people marched in the March for a Clean Energy Revolution on the day prior to the Democratic National Convention. Popular Resistance and members of the Flush the TPP campaign created a bold, bright and spirited “Stop the TPP” contingent to raise awareness of the threats posed by the TPP, put the Democrats on notice that the people oppose rigged corporate deals and to recruit more people to join the No Lame Duck Uprising. The TPP is a large international treaty that was negotiated over the past 7 years by the Obama administration. It was negotiated in secret with the help of hundreds of ‘corporate advisers’ from companies like Walmart, Monsanto, Pfizer, Exxon and more. Members of Congress were largely left out of the process.

Massive Climate, Anti-TPP March Planned Before DNC


By Nika Knight for Common Dreams. Philadelphia, PA – Researchers from Johns Hopkins University have conclusively shown that living close to fracking operations significantly increases asthma sufferers’ risks of attacks, adding urgency to the battle against fracking within the Democratic Party as it prepares to convene in Philadelphia next week. The study, published Monday in JAMA Internal Medicine, looked at 35,000 medical records in Pennsylvania from 2005 to 2012. The state has long been host to a controversial fracking boom, and many have clamored for politicians to pay attention to the industry’s irreversible damage to the land and human health. “This study’s findings confirm what we have known for years—that fracking is an inherently hazardous process that threatens human health and safety every day. More than 17 million Americans live within a mile of a fracking site, and they are all at risk,”

Hillary Clinton, Morgan Stanley And TPP: A Free Trade Triumvirate?

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By Alex Lazar for Open Secrets – As pressure increases for 2016 presidential contender Hillary Clinton to say where she stands on the pending Trans-Pacific Partnership(TPP) trade deal, her ties to avid TPP supporters won’t escape notice. One glaring example: A linked trifecta consisting of the TPP, the mega-investment firm Morgan Stanley, and the Clinton family that involves campaign contributions, former members of Bill Clinton’s administration and large donations to the Clintons’ foundation.

Transcanada'S $15 Billion Suit Against U.S. Is Corporate Nationhood At Its Worst


By Michael Levitin for Occupy – When the NAFTA nations – United States, Canada and Mexico – meet Wednesday for the annual Three Amigos Summit in Ottawa, climate change and clean energy are expected to dominate the agenda. However, a curiously timed $15 billion lawsuit launched last Friday by TransCanada, which is using NAFTA to sue the U.S. government for its rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline, has undercut the very same climate ideals professed by the North American nations.

500,000 Petitions To Congress Demand Rejection Of TPP

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By Brittany Matter for Friends of the Earth – Today, June 29, Friends of the Earth, Sierra Club, Food and Water Watch and other environmental advocates delivered more than 500,000 petitions to Congress demanding the rejection of a Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal that promises to ramp up fossil fuel exports, accelerate climate change and encourage deregulation of environmental safeguards across the board. Among other anti-environment provisions, the Trans Pacific Partnership would offer thousands of new foreign firms virtually the same broad rights included in NAFTA…

Rockers Tour To Oppose The TPP

By Janis Levy.

By David Nakamura for The Washington Post – The political fight over President Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal is entering the cultural mainstream. A week after Obama declared that he’s “down with TPP” on the “Tonight Show,” a group of rock musicians and Hollywood actors is launching a “Rock Against the TPP” road tour to rally the public against the 12-nation trade accord.

Lie That “China Wins” If TPP Kangaroo Tribunals Are Stopped

A small protest was held in Richmond on Monday to oppose the Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement. Photo by @LeadNowCA

By William K. Black for New Economic Perspectives – Proponents of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) know that they have a major problem. Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump each oppose the deal. CEOs, however, have not given up on their dream of being able to rig the international system through the creation of kangaroo tribunals that can, effectively, destroy effective regulation and the enforcement of rules to protect the public. As I explained in my most recent column on this subject, “trade” is simply the pretext for this assault on the rule of law and national sovereignty.

Why So Secret? Take Action To Stop Trans-Pacific Partnership

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By Flush the TPP. Open government groups and others have been calling for the Office of the US Trade Representative (USTR) to be more transparent about the agreements that it negotiates on behalf of all of us. That seems reasonable, doesn’t it? Apparently not. The administration’s response to requests for transparency have been to obfuscate. When asked to create a Transparency Officer, the USTR chose its legal counsel, Timothy Reif, the person in charge of defending its secrecy. Members of Congress say that Reif seemed to interpret his new responsibilities as finding ways to avoid being transparent. Last week, in response to a request from last July for Clinton’s emails about the TPP negotiations, the State Department suddenly decided that it would not cooperate with the request until after the November election. Hmmmmm……. what are they hiding?

Urging U.S. Congress To Reject TPP Over Environmental Concerns

By Janis Levy.

By Valerie Volcovici for Reuters – More than 450 groups on Monday called on Congress to reject the Trans-Pacific Partnership if it comes up for a vote this fall, saying the trade deal would allow fossil fuel companies to contest U.S. environmental rules in extrajudicial tribunals. The groups, most of them environmental organizations, warned that companies could challenge U.S. environmental standards in tribunals outside the domestic legal system under provisions of the 12-nation TPP and the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) with Europe.

As Desperation Over TPP Grows, So Does Obama's Dishonesty


By Vicki Needham for The Hill. It is remarkable to see the blatant misinformation put forth by President Obama as he sees the time clock ticking on his final term in office and the lack of Congressional support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Over the years, we’ve worked to expose the truth about the TPP when the Obama Administration lied about it. Even the Washington Post once gave the Obama Administration four “Pinocchio Noses” for his claim about the TPP creating jobs. But we have not seen so many lies in one speech. Despite the recent US International Trade Commission’s economic impact statement, which showed that the TPP would bring a tiny 0.2% increase to the GDP by 2032, increase the trade deficit by $22 billion and harm 16 out of 25 industrial sectors, the Obama Administration continues to claim that the TPP will benefit the economy.

Newsletter: US Democracy Crisis Creates Illegitimate Political System


By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers. Two years ago we wrote that the task of the movement is to build national consensus. We have shown in previous articles that national consensus is being reached on many issues, but the government is not responding to the public consensus. We have also reported on research that shows the US is really an oligarchy operating in the worst democracy in the western world. The government’s lack of responsiveness to the people and elected officials who fail to represent the people’s views are resulting in a crisis of democracy. This week the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs reported on that crisis. They found the legitimacy of US government has disappeared

Revolving Door In Office Of U.S. Trade Representative, Part 1


By Bill Waren for Medium – The Obama White House and the Republican leadership in Congress are pushing hard for three massive and environmentally- destructive[2] trade agreements: the Trans Pacific Partnership[3], the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership[4] and the Trade in Services Agreement[5]. These three agreements and similar deals going back to the North American Free Trade Agreement reflect the philosophy and culture of the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, which assume that many forms of regulation by democratic institutions inhibit global economic growth.[6]

TPP Advocates Playing The Fear China Card

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By Vicki Needham for The Hill – Trade supporters are pushing the geopolitical importance of a sweeping Asia-Pacific agreement in an effort to save the deal from defeat on Capitol Hill. Proponents are arguing that passing the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) will demonstrate U.S. leadership in the region and will define future economic relationships that assure the long-term stability of the Pacific Rim. “TPP recognizes both America’s concrete economic interests in Asia and demonstrates U.S. steadfastness,” Robert Zoellick, the former World Bank president and U.S. trade representative…