First Nations Target Trudeau's Climate Plan With Indigenous Climate Action

Eriel Deranger by Anna Lee Popham

By Eriel Deranger for National Observer – UNDRIP is an international declaration that is built on a premise of Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC). Or, more plainly, Indigenous rights to not just participate in decision making processes but the right to say “no.” This position is in addition to the already existing fiduciary and legal obligation of the federal government to ensure adequate and meaningful consultation occurs with respect to any laws, legislation and land management that may affect our inherent and treaty rights in the country.

‘Days of Revolt’: Chris Hedges, Tim DeChristopher Discuss Far-Reaching Effects of Climate Change

Tim DeChristopher on "Days of Revolt."

By Chris Hedges and Tim DeChristopher for Truth Dig – In this week’s episode of “Days of Revolt,” Truthdig columnist Chris Hedges sits down with Tim DeChristopher, founder of the Climate Disobedience Center. The two analyze how the industrialized world fails to significantly confront climate change, beginning with the “exercise in make-believe” that was the 2015 Paris climate conference. DeChristopher explains that the drastic effects of global warming aren’t just occurring in a vacuum.

Climate Scientists Are Now Grading Climate Journalism

F grade and a sad smilie, written in red letters in a spiral pad. Photograph: Alamy

By Daniel Nethery and Emmanuel Vincent for The Guardian – The internet represents an extraordinary opportunity for democracy. Never before has it been possible for people from all over the world to access the latest information and collectively seek solutions to the challenges which face our planet, and not a moment too soon: the year 2015 was the hottest in human history, and the Great Barrier Reef is suffering the consequences of warming oceans right now.

In Detroit, Fighting Hopelessness With A Climate Plan

The neighborhood around the Marathon heavy oil refinery in Detroit is Michigan's most polluted ZIP code. Environmental and climate justice activists said they couldn't wait for the city to come out of bankruptcy and launch its own climate action plan, so they have started their own. Credit: Wikimedia

By David J. Unger for Inside Climate News – DETROIT, Mich.—As major cities across the globe begin to take a leading role in the world’s response to climate change, one U.S. metropolis has a decidedly grassroots approach to preparing for a wetter, warmer world. In Detroit—a city that faces a myriad of pressing socioeconomic and environmental challenges—local residents are working on a plan to mitigate the long-term impacts of climate change. Unlike the climate action plans drafted by city governments in places like New York, Chicago and Boston, Detroit’s green roadmap is spearheaded by the Detroit Climate Action Collaborative

Divest Harvard Protesters Arrested At Harvard Investment Building

Harvard Management Services building By ZORIGOO TUGSBAYAR

By Luca F. Scroeder for the Crimson. Police arrested several members of the student activist group Divest Harvard after they staged a sit-in within the lobby of the Boston Federal Reserve Tuesday afternoon, protesting Harvard Management Company’s investment in the fossil fuel industry. Four members of Divest Harvard protested in the building, which houses HMC, the University’s investment arm that manages its $37.6 billion endowment. Members of Divest Harvard identified the arrested protesters as Naima Drecker-Waxman ’18, Applied Physics graduate student Benjamin Franta, School of Public Health student Rory Stewart, and Adam Cory Vander Tuig, a student at the Divinity School and Memorial Church seminarian. About 25 students, faculty members, and alumni who support Divest Harvard held a rally outside of the building at the same time.

Victory In Landmark Climate Case Recognizes Public Trust In Resources

Our Children’s Trust Washington State protest

By Our Children’s Trust. On April 8, 2016, U.S. Magistrate Judge Thomas Coffin of the federal District Court in Eugene, OR, decided in favor of 21 young Plaintiffs, and Dr. James Hansen on behalf of future generations, in their landmark constitutional climate change case brought against the federal government and the fossil fuel industry. The Court’s ruling is a major victory for the 21 youth Plaintiffs, ages 8-19, from across the U.S. in what Bill McKibben and Naomi Klein call the “most important lawsuit on the planet right now.” These plaintiffs sued the federal government for violating their constitutional rights to life, liberty and property, and their right to essential public trust resources, by permitting, encouraging, and otherwise enabling continued exploitation, production, and combustion of fossil fuels.

Changing Everything


By Steve Gorelick for Local Futures. It seems that a transition to renewable energy might not be as transformative as some people hope. Or to put it more bluntly, renewable energy changes nothing about corporate capitalism. Which brings me to the new film, This Changes Everything, based on Naomi Klein’s best-selling book and directed by her husband, Avi Lewis. I saw the film recently at a screening hosted by local climate activists and renewable energy developers, and was at first hopeful that the film would go even further than the book in, as Klein puts it, “connecting the dots between the carbon in the air and the economic system that put it there.” But by film’s end one is left with the impression that a transition from fossil fuels to renewables is pretty much all that’s needed – not only to address climate change but to transform the economy and solve all the other problems we face.

Tribes Organize Against North Dakota Oil Pipeline


By Nicky Woolf for The Guardian. Standing Rock Nation – Dozens of tribal members from several Native American nations took to horseback on Friday to protest against the proposed construction of an oil pipeline which would cross the Missouri river just yards from tribal lands in North Dakota. The group of tribal members, which numbered around 200, according to a tribal spokesman, said they were worried that the Dakota Access Pipeline, proposed by a subsidiary of the Dallas, Texas-based Energy Transfer Partners, would lead to contamination of the river. The proposed route also passes through lands of historical significance to the Standing Rock Lakota Sioux Nation, including burial grounds.

Obama Admin About To Kneecap Own Efforts To Reform Coal Leasing

A Wyoming coal strip mine.(Wikipedia)

By David Roberts for Vox – Over the past year or so, the Obama administration has shown increasing sympathy toward the new climate activism mantra: “Keep it in the ground.” In November, Barack Obama rejected the Keystone XL pipeline, saying, “If we’re going to prevent large parts of this Earth from becoming not only inhospitable but uninhabitable in our lifetimes, we’re going to have to keep some fossil fuels in the ground.”

Antarctica At Risk Of Runaway Melting, Scientists Discover

Credit: Eugene Kaspersky/Flickr

By John Upton for Climate Central – The world’s greatest reservoir of ice is verging on a breakdown that could push seas to heights not experienced since prehistoric times, drowning dense coastal neighborhoods during the decades ahead, new computer models have shown. A pair of researchers developed the models to help them understand high sea levels during previous eras of warmer temperatures.

Coal And Gas Investment Fall To Less Than Half Clean Energy


By Fiona Harvey for The Guardian. Global investment in coal and gas-fired power generation plants fell to less than half that in renewable energy generation last year, in a record year for clean energy. It was the first time that renewable energy made up a majority of all the new electricity generation capacity under construction around the world, and the first year in which the financial investment by developing countries in renewables outstripped that of the developed world. Catherine Mitchell, professor of energy policy at the University of Exeter, said the developments were “extremely significant” and showed a new trend. She said: “We are looking at serious sums of money being invested in clean energy, with the dirtiest forms of fossil fuels the losers. This is the direction of travel that we need to see to have a chance of escaping the worst impacts of climate change.”

Climate Justice Activists Occupy Superdome, Calling For No New Leases!

Defenders of Land, Water and Climate Take Over Federal Oil Lease Sale at the New Orleans Superdome. Photo by Indigenous Environmental Network

By Staff of Rising Tide North America – Currently, hundreds of climate and social justice activists are occupying the Superdome in New Orleans in a mass protest calling to keep 43 million acres of oil and gas leases in the Gulf of Mexico. Today, the Obama administration is auctioning off those 43 million acres to the oil and gas industry. Courageous activists have taken a stand to say a resounding “NO” to further oil extraction by the same people that brought us the BP Oil Disaster in 2010 and continue to decimate communities and ecosystems along the Gulf Coast.

Could Climate-Change Warnings On Gasoline Pumps Work?

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 10.27.53 PM

By Heather Smith for Grist – Later this year, someone stopping to fuel up in North Vancouver will be the first customer to see the controversial warning labels. They’ll be wrapped around the gas pump handles. The exact wording isn’t settled yet, but here’s the gist of it: Every time you pump gas, you’re contributing to air pollution and climate change. What will they look like? We don’t know that, either, but here’s one candidate considered by the city council that voted in the new warning-label law:

Tipping Point On US Public Opinion On Climate Change

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 9.59.10 PM

By Oliver Milman for The Guardian – A record number of Americans believe global warming will pose a threat to their way of life, new polling data shows, amid strengthening public acceptance that rising temperatures are being driven by human activity. “I think a shift in public opinion and consciousness has been underway for several years now,” Michael Mann, a prominent climate scientist at Pennsylvania State University, told the Guardian. A spokesman for 350 Action, the political arm of climate activist group, said meanwhile that politicians who cast doubt on climate science would soon have to take such polling into account.

Earth Enters New Era Of Climate Change


By Sharmini Peries for The Real New – Last week storms battered the Southwest in the United States and in Louisiana, which was the hardest hit state, three people lost their lives and thousands lost their homes and businesses. The Sabine River on the border of Louisiana and Texas hit the highest water level on record, surpassing the previous record set in 1999 by over 5 feet. Climate scientists are saying we are not only in a period of global warming, we are now entering a global climate change emergency. As NOAA recently confirmed, February surpassed all records in terms of temperatures. January 2016 also broke all-time records for above average temperatures, but the extent to which February broke temperature records alarmed many scientists, the month was more than 0.2°C warmer. Now many scientific studies have linked extreme weather events to climate change.