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History Teaches That We Have the Power to Transform the Nation, Here’s How.

The fact is, United States and world histories show that an organized and mobilized populace is what has always caused transformational change. This history is not taught in our education system or emphasized in the heroes we idolize in our culture, but it is so significant that it cannot be hidden from view. The country could not operate if the people refused to participate in its corrupt systems. The ultimate power is with us, if we let go of fear and embrace it. Now that there is a history of more than 100 years of modern resistance movements, there is data to show what works and what doesn’t. As a result, we can develop a vision, a strategic plan and tactics that make success more likely than ever before.

“We’ve Never Seen Government Stand Up To Fossil Fuel Industry”

Climate justice activist Tim DeChristopher. (Photo: Dahr Jamail)

By Dahr Jamail for Truth Out – In 2008, Tim DeChristopher found himself bidding for parcels of public land around Arches and Canyonlands National Parks of Utah at an illegitimate Bureau of Land Management oil and gas lease auction. A climate activist acting as a bidder at the auction, DeChristopher ended up successfully winning 22,500 acres of land by bidding a total of $1.8 million, which he never intended to pay one nickel of, hence effectively killing the auction.

Breaking Through Power: It’s Easier Than We Think

Flicklr/ desiderius_papp

By Staff of The Nather Page – When I was a student at Princeton University I learned from my anthropology studies that the concentration of power in the hands of the few is common to all cultures, societies, nations, tribes, cities, towns, and villages. Even where the thirst for self-governance and democracy is strong (as was the case in New England towns before the American Revolution against King George III) wealthy Tories were there too.

How Power Works

David Duprey / AP

By Chris Hedges for Truth Dig – Heather Ann Thompson’s book “Blood in the Water: The Attica Prison Uprising of 1971 and Its Legacy” is a detailed study of the inner workings of America. The blueprint for social control employed before and after the crushing of the Attica revolt is the same blueprint used today to keep tens of millions of poor people, especially poor people of color, caged or living in miniature police states. Thompson meticulously documents the innumerable ways the state oppresses the poor…

Syria And The Left: Time To Break The Silence

Screen Shot 2016-10-22 at 12.16.56 PM

By Eric Draitser for Counter Punch – The cold, hard reality of the war in Syria is that the violence, bloodshed, and chaos continues unabated while the Left, such as it is, continues on in a state of schizophrenic madness. Different points of view, conflicting ideological tendencies, and a misunderstanding of the reality of the conflict are all relevant issues to be interrogated, with civility and reasoned debate in short supply. But those issues are not the urgent task of this article

Chris Hedges And Robert Scheer On Activism

Chris Hedges (Credit: Nation Books)

By Emma Niles for Truth Dig – Truthdig Editor in Chief Robert Scheer sat down with journalist Chris Hedges on Monday for an intimate, salon-style conversation in Los Angeles. They discussed everything from religion and social control to war and police brutality. First, Hedges explained how his father influenced his participation in reform efforts by encouraging him to begin an LGBT activist group at his conservative college campus.

Hillary Clinton, The Democratic Party Plantation


By Solomon Comissiong for The Black Agenda Report – The Democrats and Republicans are both proven evils. “Donald Trump is a devoted racist and xenophobe and Hillary Clinton is an imperialist who has a track record of destroying human life.” Now if the time for Black people to “take possession of the politics within our communities and put forth our own revolutionary candidates who represent our collective interests.”

Social Democracy And Radical Left: Why We Continue To Build Left Unity


By Kate Hudson for Defend Democracy Press – Jeremy Corbyn’s re-election to the leadership of the Labour Party on an increased vote is a significant victory for the left in the Labour Party and for progressive politics in Britain. It is a victory that everyone on the left celebrates. It demonstrates the strength of support that exists for changing the politics of the Labour Party: for shifting the balance of power within our society, away from the political and economic elites towards the majority, to empower and enfranchise the working class and communities hardest hit by the long run attacks upon the welfare state.

How California Can Save $10 Billion On A $9 Billion Loan


By Ellen Brown for The Web of Debt Blog – School districts are notoriously short of funding — so short that some California districts have succumbed to Capital Appreciation Bonds that will cost taxpayers as much as 10 to 15 times the principal by the time they are paid off. By comparison, California’s Prop. 51, the school bond proposal currently on the ballot, looks like a good deal. It would allow the state to borrow an additional $9 billion for educational purposes by selling general obligation bonds to investors at an assumed interest rate of 5%…

Norwegian Youth Taking Government To Court Over 'Unconstitutional' Arctic Drilling

Norway's largest youth-led organization, Nature and Youth, is the first to challenge the constitution's environmental clause in court. (Photo: Natur Og Ungdom)

By Lauren McCauley for Common Dreams – Taking a page from young people in the United States and elsewhere who are standing up for their right to healthy environment, Norwegian youth on Monday filed suitagainst their country’s government for expanding Arctic oil drilling despite increasingly dire warnings about the impact such activity is having on the planet’s climate. The plaintiffs, which include Greenpeace Norway and the nation’s largest youth-led organization, Nature and Youth,

Plutocratic Forces Crippled Democracy, And Why It’s Up To Us To Fight Back

Prazis /

By Ralph Nader for Alternet – In the 1920s, near the end of his spectacular career as our country’s most prominent fighter for working people, labor leader, presidential candidate, orator, and all-around progressive Eugene Debs was asked by a reporter: “Mr. Debs, what do you regret the most in your lifelong struggle for justice?” Debs looked at him and replied: “What do I regret the most? I regret that the American people can have almost anything they want under our Constitution, but they seem not to want much of anything at all.”

How To Turn Anti-Poverty Work Into Anti-Poverty Movement

Low-wage workers and ministers rally together in Tennessee as part of the Moral Mondays movement. (AP photo/ Travis Loller)

By Greg Kaufmann for Talk Poverty – About a month ago, I had the opportunity to spend a weekend at Harvard with a group of about 20 scholars and reporters. Many of them have worked for decades examining poverty-related issues—from hiring discrimination to segregation in housing and education, criminal justice reform to immigration, deep poverty to homelessness. I was nervous about the trip.

Environmentalists: Make Your Stand Like Standing Rock

by Nehemiah Luckett

By Billy Talen for The Stop Shopping Choir – The First Nations peoples in North Dakota are showing us the future of direct action. In the path of the Enbridge pipeline, the “black snake,” they’re making something that traditional environmentalists don’t have words for. A friend of mine who is there put it this way: “It’s not like a protest. It’s a ceremony.” There is a crucial lesson here that we environmentalists must learn. At Standing Rock, the cops and courts, helicopters and drones and Dobermans

How To Fight Big Oil: Join Your Neighbors

By Joe Brusky / Flickr.

By Sarah van Gelder for Yes Magazine – The last few weeks and months have seen major victories for communities resisting oil trains, coal terminals, pipelines, and strip mines. This is big news at a time of an out-of-control climate crisis—this July and August tied as the hottest months ever recorded. Could these stories represent our best shot at taking on the giant corporations and banks that are trying to build new fossil fuel projects at a time when we need to be phasing out carbon-based fuels?

Revolutionary Plan Can Save Rainforest

The berries of the açaí palm have anaesthetic and anti-inflammatory properties.
Image: Kate Evans/CIFOR via Flickr

By Jan Rocha for Climate News Network – SÃO PAULO, 14 October, 2016 − Brazilian scientists, alarmed at the ongoing destruction of the Amazon rainforest, have proposed a radical plan to save it. This would ally the forest’s incredible biodiversity with the new technologies being developed as part of the 4th Industrial Revolution − the name coined for the fusion of technologies that blur the lines between the physical, digital and biological spheres.

Supporting Standing Rock And Confronting What It Means Living On Stolen Land

#NoDAPL protesters at a rally in Philadelphia last month. (Twitter / Chris Baker Evans)

By Berkley Carmine and Liza Minno for Waging Nonviolence – A month after President Obama told the Army Corps of Engineers to pause construction on the Dakota Access oil pipeline, the Standing Rock Sioux and those supporting them still find themselves in a dire struggle to protect their water and land. With winter approaching, the 300 tribes that are now represented at the Camp of the Sacred Stone in North Dakota are preparing for a lengthy battle.