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Act Out! [26] – Whistleblowers, Secret Societies & Diplomacy

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By Eleanor Goldfield in Occupy – It’s our six-month anniversary! And we’re celebrating with whistleblowers – because everyone loves a whistleblower! From Chelsea Manning to John Kiriakou, we’re breaking down the lunacy of charging them as spies, and giving you the tools to help support those who speak out against injustices in our government. Next up, let’s take a trip to England, where the world’s most disappointing theme park has just opened. Believe me, you’ll wanna see it! Then Silent Bill gives us a rundown of the Secret Society of Super Villain Artists – doing good and having fun while doing it. And finally, here’s how you can join the fight to stop fighting and let diplomacy prevail over war. #NoWarWithIran. But first, we gotta go to the emergency room.

Stop Corporate Sacrifice Zones From Destroying Everything


By Lee Camp on Redacted Tonight. In his new book, Erik Loomis explains how corporations create “sacrifice zones” in which they often decimate the land and people. They do this in areas with poor minority populations because those are the people least likely to have the power to fight against it. We see this across the US but also around the world. The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and other rigged corporate trade treaties will make every community into a potential sacrifice zone, unless we stop them. Here’s how to protect your community: Step one is to keep the TPP from becoming law. Step two is to scream from the hills about the wrongdoing of major corporations To learn more, comedian Lee Camp breaks down both how this works and how to fight back against it on his show, Redacted Tonight.

Video: Why Do People Keep Insisting #BlackLivesMatter?


By John F. O’Donnell of Redacted Tonight. The prideful limitation of white progressive allies’ tolerance for the #BlackLivesMatter Movement truly rears it’s ugly head when the golden boy, Bernie Sanders, is disrupted by BLM activists. Yes, the tactic of interrupting and commandeering the mic from the most liberal presidential candidate, who is spot on about so many important issues, is rude and disrespectful, but it’s certainly not as rude and disrespectful as a structurally racist state that is perpetrating a genocide against it’s black community. Activist/organizer, Dominique Hazzard, of ‘Black Youth Project 100,’ sits down with ‘Redacted Tonight’ correspondent, John F. O’Donnell, to explain it all like a boss.

Planned Parenthood, Brittany Spears & Climate Fail

By Eleanor Goldfield in Occupy – This week, here’s four things about the Planned Parenthood debacle to put them and their work into perspective. Next up, let’s talk Britney Spears and cluster bombs. Yep, seriously. It’s art vs. the military industrial complex with Bob Paris and The Cluster Project. Then we offer up a Presidential lowlife scum award thanks to a pretty much useless climate change plan. And finally, some good news you gotta know about! But first, I pledge allegiance. This week, here’s four things about the Planned Parenthood debacle to put them and their work into perspective. Next up, let’s talk Britney Spears and cluster bombs. Yep, seriously. It’s art vs. the military industrial complex with Bob Paris and The Cluster Project. Then we offer up a Presidential lowlife scum award thanks to a pretty much useless climate change plan. And finally, some good news you gotta know about! But first, I pledge allegiance.

The LA Special: Peter Joseph, Matt Sedillo & Lil Haydn

Goldfield in LA

By Eleanor Goldfied for – Yep, we have one helluva all star creative activist lineup for you this week! Starting off, we’ve got Peter Joseph, creator of the Zeitgeist Trilogy talking about his new project, the movement and his artistic and technological expression. Next up, Revolutionary Poet Matt Sedillo performs his piece “Here is a Nation” then talks to us about poetry, activism and some interesting hecklers. Lili Haydn doesn’t play notes, she plays emotions. We catch a performance of hers at the Healthcare for All event in downtown LA and talk to her about finding hope in dark issues and musical activism.

Government Sells Native Sacred Land To Mining Company


By Lee Camp for Redacted Tonight. As if leaving Native Americans with nothing but miniscule plots of reservation land and systemic brokenness wasn’t enough, now the white man is at it again- robbing the Apache of a sacred ceremonial ground in Oak Flat, Arizona. The US government gave the Apache land to a foreign mining company, saying the native people could still use the grounds for traditional gatherings “after the land exchange has been completed, so long as it remains safe to do so.” The sacred land will unlikely be “safe” for ceremonies once it is functioning as a mine. John McCain and Jeff Flake, major proponents of the land theft, both received hefty contributions from the mining company, Rio Tinto.

Act Out! – Greeks, Congressional Cliff Notes & A Jack Ass Named ALEC

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By Eleanor Goldfield – This week, we’re talking repurposed consumerism and Greece’s future with artist Lane Collage and how “Austerity” is Greek for “Could happen to you too, America!” Next up, Anthony Freda drops some knowledge for political artists. And isn’t it about time we started paying attention to Congress? Here are your cliff’s notes. Finally, it’s a bummer that Ben and Jennifer broke up but we really need to be focusing on ALEC. Nick Bernabe of the Anti-Media shows you how. But first, let’s take a train ride through the progress of our time.

Act Out! [19] – 5 Reasons To End Death Penalty; Yes We Need Feminism

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By Eleanor Goldfield in Occupy – Hey guys, lose the catcalls, it’s O.K. to just say hi. Activists celebrate the good, the bad and the ugly for America’s 239th. We will take a good look at how activists relate to this day while keeping up the good fight. The episode features art, images, and messages for this past ‘independence day’. SCOTUS doesn’t mind burning people alive, but here are five reasons why the death penalty should be abolished. Supporters of the death penalty blame activists of why the current torture of inmates on death row occurs due to limited options on how to kill people and make them suffer. The death penalty is a symptom of the culture of violence. Get an update on the #ShellNo actions and what’s next for the brave kayaktivists. Femicide is a hate crime and Dr. Heidi Lewis explains what feminism really is and how the personal is political.

VIDEO: 5 Hints Obama’s Legacy Will Not Be Good


By Lee Camp in Redacted Tonight. Washington, DC – Following a week of impressive Supreme Court decisions, many are saying Obama’s legacy is secure. But is it really? Has all of America forgotten about the war on whistle blowers, the war on immigrants, the war on drugs, war on privacy, and the war on civilians living underneath drone aircraft? This not mention the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the continuing pillaging by Wall Street. So how exactly is Obama’s legacy secure? Well, sometimes it takes a comedy show to break all this down.

Sky High Activism, Wedding Pics, Rainbows & Flags

China wedding with air pollution

By Eleanor Goldfield for Congrats to all the couples who can now tie the knot! But now that you’ve ridden the rainbow to marital bliss, allow me to bring you back down to everything else we gotta fix in this country. A Chinese company stunningly and scarily showcases sky-high activism while a Chinese couple offers up some dystopian and creative wedding pic ideas. Bree Newsome shows the South Carolina legislature it’s actually not that hard to take down the Confederate flag. July 4th is this weekend so go enjoy a celebratory march with some rebels. Let’s get serious and blunt about the global corporate takeover. And finally, Naomi Klein and Pope Francis join forces to battle climate change.

Act Out: #BlackLivesMatter, France Schools Us, Watch The Water

Act Out Dancing child

By Eleanor Goldfield for Black Lives Matter and Shamell Bell is breaking it down. This week, we’re talking dance activism as protest and liberation of both space and people. First, white privilege has something to say to white privilege. White privilege is not the fault of whites, but we know it is unfair and must speak out, participate in making sure #BlackLives Matter. LA organizer shows how to use your skills for justice with street dance activism. France yet again schools us on how to be human beings and watch the water with court ruling water cannot be cut off for nonpayment; water is a human right. Get to know Food and Water Watch. Good cops rise up and speak out.

Act Out! Episode 14 - Occupy Venice & France With A Mic Drop

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By Eleanor Goldfield in Occupy – This week, we test our math skills in the name of systemic dumbshitedness. Then Occupy Venice shows us how to fight the power while helping the powerless: hosting a people’s potluck every Sunday with locally sourced organic foods. Martin Kirk, founder and head strategist at /The Rules talks about breaking them, shifting paradigms and planned poverty. He talks strategy, Occupy Wall Steret and the role of scientific knowledge in campaigns. We ask the Internet, what are we? Oligarchy, plutocracy, oligarch-racy? Even after LA raises minimum wage to $15, too many folks remain homeless. And finally, France schools us on architectural design and food, but not in the ways you’d expect. Eleanor Goldfield performs spoken word for the movement, flipping the paradigms.

Act Out! Know Your Rights And Justice For Moms


Raise your fist, but not to fight. This week it’s about the power of the mind – to overcome, to evolve, to rise up and to stand resolute against injustice. We go through some bullet point rights, yours to flex any and every time you’re on U.S. soil. Knowledge is power. We go to LA to see how artists are manifesting justice through their various mediums: theater, discussions, forums, workshops on screen printing, spoken word, health and wellness. We then take you to the front lines of the Million Moms March, where mothers took a list of demands to the Department of Justice seeking answers for unsolved crimes that killed their children and destroyed their communities. Not one to end on a somber note, we wrap up this week with a rap/rock piece that reminds you to use your mind, find your fight and raise the floodlight.

On Rekia Boyd, Freddie Gray And The Cost Of Police Impunity

Two police officers pass a mother and son along a Safe Passage route on 15th Street on Chicago's West Side. (Photo: Bill Healy/WBEZ)

Meanwhile, the town Rekia Boyd once called home has unofficially become ground zero in the battle for meaningful reform. On either side of the release of an explosive exposé on Chicago Police Department ties to Guantánamo torture, local activists have twice made history across a six-month span that began with the United Nations Committee Against Torture’s focus on the Chicago Police Department, and ended with a landmark win – of reparations for survivors of police torture. In addition, among reforms recommended broadly, are those that have been implemented in Chicago, including data collection, transparency measures and a purportedly independent, civilian-led oversight body.

Occupy Revisted: Wall Street Used The FBI To Crush Occupy

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 8.02.55 AM

Text: Redacted Tonight’s Lee Camp celebrates Occupy and recent people’s protests like Black Lives Matter and Fight For 15. Three years after Occupy he looks back on the event and calls it a success for changing the conversation to inequality and the unfair economy. The success of Occupy can also be seen in the reaction of the power structure to the protests. Freedom of Information documents show that Wall Street, federal and local law enforcement worked together to put an end it. Populist movements that give a voice to the masses scare the richest one-percenters. A large-scale uprising could undermine our corrupt economic system- so it makes sense for Wall Street, the government and FBI to team up to crush the Occupy.