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White House Ends Transparency During Sunshine Week


Redacted Tonight host Lee Camp sheds light on Washington’s shadows in honor of Sunshine Week- a week where activists push for more government transparency. Unfortunately, there were several back-steps this past week with regards to transparency. The White House put into law the ability of one government department to avoid FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests. White House Director of Communications Jen Psaki omitted the long list of US-backed violent coups throughout our recent history. And the NYPD began altering Wikipedia articles in several recent cases of police brutality. Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp airs Fridays at 8pm on RT America. You can watch full episodes subscribing to

VIDEO: Selling Toxic Substances To Kids


Redacted Tonight’s Abby Feldman dives into the murky waters of diet beverages and artificial sweeteners. Non profit watchdog group Center for Science in the Public Interest is asking pop singer Taylor Swift to ditch her endorsement of Diet Coke, which is sweetened with aspartame and other chemicals, considering her young fan base. Aspartame has been linked to cancer and disease, though the FDA continues to allow its use in over 6,000 products. The FDA also allows the use of saccharin, which has been proven to cause cancer in rats, and some new sweeteners have been deemed “generally accepted as safe,” and do not need to be thoroughly tested or listed as an ingredient.Now artificial sweeteners also appear to cause diabetes and obesity by altering our body’s natural ability to detect satiety and regulate blood sugar- leading to overeating and glucose intolerance.

VIDEO: You Can Literally Save This Man’s Life


Far too often innocent men are put to death in our country. Rodney Reed is an innocent man on death row and at the time of this taping he was scheduled to be executed March 5th. Luckily the courts have put a stay on his execution but the battle to save him is not over. And he is not alone either – the Innocence Project estimates that over 4% of every US executions are carried out on innocent people. It’s time to end this barbaric practice. In this clip from Redacted Tonight comedian Lee Camp breaks it all down. —

VIDEO: Money Vs Politics


Money is the driving force behind every political decision- every election, every Supreme Court ruling, and every trade deal. Redacted Tonight created a trailer for a hypothetical movie in which money would no longer sway politics, and instead, democracy would be returned to the people. (It happens to star Jean Claude Van Damm.) A Princeton University study found that the United States is now an oligarchy, not a democracy. Whether you are championing marriage equality, protecting the environment from dangerous pipelines, preventing secret trade agreements from widening the wealth gap or reducing the police state- imagine how different politics would be if money was no longer the bottom line.

Redacted Tonight: Political Prisoners, War Criminals And Monsanto


Think political prisoners is a problem only OTHER countries face? Think again. The US has many political prisoners from Chelsea Manning to former governor Don Siegelman. Most of them are behind bars for trying to reveal various crimes by our government. Most of these prisoners should be called heroes. Comedian Lee Camp breaks it down on his show “Redacted Tonight” – and he makes it somehow seem a lot funnier than this description lets on! Also Team Redacted celebrates Monsanto’s loss, McDonald’s struggle, and the death of King Abdullah. They also weigh in on crazy wealth inequality and America’s love affair with Cuba.

VIDEO: 'American Sniper' As American Jingoistic Propaganda


Making a movie about the Iraq War, even as a backdrop to a character study, in which America is depicted as the complete moral savior and the Iraqis are depicted as despicably evil savages is unforgivably disrespectful to all of OUR Soldiers and Veterans. Because it codifies an unjust war of aggression that killed hundreds of thousands, while at the same time manipulating our next generation of Warriors to want to go fight and die to further enrich the Masters of War under the guise of serving Country and safeguarding Liberty and Freedom.

VIDEO: Congress To Vote On Whether Science Is A Thing


Redacted Tonight’s Lee Camp presents the hard, scientific facts on how our actions are affecting climate change. Meanwhile, Congress voted yesterday that climate change is NOT man-made- ignoring data showing five-fold increases in natural disasters over the past 30 years according to Naomi Klein’s book “This Changes Everything.” Congress did, however agree that climate change is not a hoax. So in the most weak possible way, they are addressing the largest issue of our time – and possible the largest issue of all future generations. Way to go, Congress!

Wake Up While There's Still Time To Stop TPP


Redacted Tonight explains the hard-to-digest Trans Pacific Partnership in a hilariously informative way that urges people to wake up and stop the TPP before it’s too late. Comedian Abby Feldman takes to the streets of Washington, DC, desperately trying to warn passersby of the secrecy, lack of congressional oversight, impending loss of sovereignty, and potential for serious damage that TPP poses – all while struggling to stay awake. We must act quickly to stop this global corporate coup that will control our laws to protect ourselves and our communities. An emergency protest is being held in New York City on Monday, January 26 at noon at the Sheraton on 7th Ave. and 53rd St. Click here for the Facebook event page. And we have created a rapid response team for actions.

#MillionsMarch: Post-Ferguson Moment Becoming A Movement


Over 50 thousand demonstrators marched from Washington Square Park, uptown through the heart of the holiday shopping district at Herald Square and then downtown to a rally and speak out at one police plaza. The march was lead by led by family members of those who have lost loved ones to police murder – including family members of Mike Brown, Jordan Davis, Shantel Davis, Sean Bell, Emmitt Till, Alberta Spruill, Ramarley Graham, and Kimani Gray. Local organizers stressed that this movement is growing out of the historical moment brought on by the Mike Brown case in and the “incredible bravery” of organizers and protesters in Ferguson, MO who have been in the streets, often facing down a paramilitary police force, for over 100 days and counting.

Saving The Internet: How The Impossible Shifted To The Inevitable


The group Fight For the Future (FFTF) has been at the forefront of a broad coalition that has rallied to generate comments from 4 million people, 40,000 websites, and the President of the United States in support of net neutrality. Earlier this year, FCC Chair Tom Wheeler announced that he wanted a decision to come down on the concept of net neutrality (the concept that everyone’s data should move at the same speed and that huge corporations or governments should not get to buy into a fast lane and/or interfere with what you do online) by the end of 2014. Now that that decision is being pushed to early 2015, Evan Greer – a campaign organizer for FFTF, is calling out Wheeler for not listening to the overwhelming consensus of people, telling Acronym TV in the video above: “Now that there is a growing public consensus for title II reclassification, which is the only way to protect the internet, all of the sudden he wants to delay. From our perspective, it is pretty easy to see what is going on here…

Inextricable Link Between Social And Environmental Justice


“It is important to acknowledge the Indigenous people who have been fighting this battle on the front lines for centuries,” says Lee. “The big marches and massive actions (like the People’s Climate March) serve as motivation. I take it back to my community (because) ultimately I think it is acts of everyday resistance that will change they way things are done.” Erica speaks about the violence that goes hand in hand with Canada pushing through Keystone XL Pipeline, “pushing first nations people off their lands to get to resources on the lands. There is a lot of violence – especially towards Indigenous Women who are going missing and getting murdered in record numbers.” “What we are trying to bring attention to,” says Lee “is that social justice and environmental Justice are inextricable linked.”

Our Culture Is A Crime


Spoken word from Immortal Technique and Erica Violet Lee of Idle No More, plus: 3 interviews looking at the climate crisis from 3 angles: Medea Benjamin of Code Pink talks about the links between the peace movement and the climate justice movement – and how Code Pink started as an Environmental group- Then Howie Hawkins, as his momentum in the New York gubernatorial race is ramping up, talks about Green justice in the electoral arena. Also, Occupy Sandy organizer Nastaran Mohit talks about our need to face down white privilege within the movement, and step out of our comfort zones. Finally, Jill Stein points out that we have critical mass and critical momentum to win the day.

Student Peace Activists And Teacher Are ‘Inspiration To The World’


The occasion was the launch of world tour of the Big Book: Pages for Peace Project. A decade in the making, the book started when middle school students solicited and received original messages of peace from the likes of the Dali Llama, Maya Anelgou, Nelson Mandela, President Jimmy Carter, the late Senator Ted Kennedy and thousands of others from all over the world. It is these letters, poems, and artwork that populate the Big Book: Pages for Peace. “It has taken you ten years to create this extraordinary book,” Ban Ki-moon said in his video address, “at twelve feet high and (twenty feet wide, when open) it truly lives up to its name. You have 3,500 messages of peace from all over the world, and now with mine you have 3,501. What an amazing achievement, and what a fantastic commitment.”

Video: Media Manufacturing Consent For War


On his show “Redacted Tonight” on RT America comedian Lee Camp showed precisely how the media manufactures America’s consent for war. The percentage of Americans supporting bombing soared after the corporate media began their onslaught of fear. Camp also gives some creative ideas on what these impressive powers of influence could be used for OTHER than bombing and destruction. He recommends they be put towards slowing our ravenous consumerism or getting people to consider what really matters in life. If the media’s 24/7 cycle were used for positive ideas instead of fear and anxiety, we would quite possibly live in a very different world. (Lee Camp is the host of “Redacted Tonight,” which airs every Friday at 8pm ET.)

Green Shock Doctrine: Decade Of False Climate Solutions


Anne Petermann is the Executive Director of Global Justice Ecology Project. She is also the Coordinator of the Campaign to STOP GE Trees; the North American Focal Point for the Global Forest Coalition; and a member of the Board of Directors of the Will Miller Social Justice Lecture Series. She has been involved in movements for forest protection and Indigenous rights since 1991, and the international and national climate justice movements since 2004. She co-founded the Eastern North American Resource Center of the Native Forest Network in 1993, and the STOP GE Trees Campaign in 2004. She also participated in the founding of the Durban Group for Climate Justice in 2004 and Climate Justice Now! in 2007 at the Bali UN Climate Conference. In 2008, Global Justice Ecology Project spearheaded the founding of the North American Mobilization for Climate Justice.