Strategic direct action and civil disobedience such as strikes, sit-ins and occupations can expose injustice, slow down or stop harmful practices and win specific demands. Below are some direct action groups and campaigns you can join or support. All of them are independent from corporate political parties and use nonviolent tactics and democratic decision-making. We also provide some excellent tools and resources for organizing creative and effective protests and direct actions.

Featured Video: The video to the right is a ten minute documentary by Mutual Aid Media on the Tar Sands Blockade, a group of activists and landowners in Texas who have built a campaign to stop the Keystone XL pipeline.

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Organizations and Direct Action Campaigns
Recent Articles in Resist!

The Pacific Coast Farmworker Rebellion

Photo by David Bacon - Farm workers and their supporters march to the office of Sakuma Farms, Burlington, WA.

By David Bacon – The strawberries, blackberries and blueberries sold everyday in U.S. supermarkets are largely picked by these indigenous families. Their communities are very closely connected, all along the agricultural valleys that line the Pacific Coast. These migrants come from the same region of southern Mexico, often from the same towns. They speak the same languages – ones that were thousands of years old when Europeans first landed on this continent. Increasingly they talk back and forth across the border, sharing tactics and developing a common strategy. Indigenous farm workers labor for a small number of large growers and distributors who dominate the market. One of the largest distributors is Driscoll’s. Miles Reiter, retired CEO and grandson of its founder, says its intention is “to become the world’s berry company.” Driscoll’s contracts with growers in five countries, and even exports berries from Mexico to China.

Hong Kong Charges Occupy Central Leaders W/ Public Order Offenses

Occupy Central leader Joshua Wong speaks to the media after a vote at the city's legislature in Hong Kong, June 18, 2015.

By Wen Yuqing and Xin Lin in Radio Free Asia – The face of last year’s pro-democracy Occupy Central movement in Hong Kong, Joshua Wong, hit out on Thursday after being charged by police for his role in the mass protests for universal suffrage in the former British colony. Wong, 18, who could face a jail term of up to five years, slammed the charges of “illegal assembly” and “inciting others to take part in an illegal assembly” as politically motivated. The charges relate to a protest on Sept. 26 during which some Umbrella Movement protesters climbed into Civic Square, part of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) government complex. Writing on his Facebook page, Wong said that the freedom of association, among a number of traditional freedoms that Beijing promised to uphold after the 1997 handover to Chinese rule, has been severely limited in the city in recent years.

Anti-TPP Protesters Target Key Meeting

Anti-Trans Pacific Partnership protesters try to disrupt a National Party event in Dunedin last night. Photo by Stephen Jaquiery

By Eileen Goodwin in Otago Daily Times – Protesters jostled with police last night as they tried to disrupt a National Party fundraising event in Dunedin. Trans Pacific Partnership opponents hoped Prime Minister John Key would enter through the Savoy restaurant’s public entrance, but it is understood he used another door. Mr Key had earlier been guest of honour at the Otago Daily Times Class Act event at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery in the Octagon. The protest started outside the art gallery, before moving around the corner to the Savoy, in Princes St. Up to 100 protesters attended, split between the venue’s Moray Pl and Princes St entrances.

D.C.’s Public-Camping Ban Dooms Occupy Suit

NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 16: A sign sits on the ground in a nearly empty Zuccotti Park a day after it was cleared of Occupy Wall Street protesters in an early morning police raid on November 16, 2011 in New York city. Hundreds of protesters, who rallied against economic inequality in America, have slept in tents and under tarps since Sept. 17 in Zuccotti Park. A New York judge ruled Tuesday that the protesters could return to Zuccotti Park but couldn’t set up tents or sleep in the park. Zuccotti Park became the epicenter of the global Occupy Wall Street movement. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

By Jack Bouboushian in Courthouse News – Two Occupy protesters arrested for pitching their tent outside the offices of Merrill Lynch cannot sue the District of Columbia, the D.C. Circuit ruled. Samuel Dukore and Kelly Canavan were members of the Occupy movement in Washington, D.C. In February 2012, they were part of a group of about four dozen protesters who set up tents outside Merrill Lynch’s office to “occupy” public space outside the wealth-management firm as a protest against financial inequality in the United States. D.C. law requires the mayor’s permission, however, to “set up, maintain, or establish any camp or any temporary place of abode in any tent” on public property. Most of the protesters disassembled their tents when police threatened to arrest them, but Dukore and Canavan defied the officers’ orders, reassembled their tent and continued their protest.

Suit Filed Over FBI Impersonation Of Journalists

FBI headquarters in Washington. (Bonnie Jo Mount/The Washington Post)

By Report Committee – The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press and The Associated Press are asking the U.S. district court in Washington, D.C. to require the Justice Department and the FBI to comply with the Freedom of Information Act and release records regarding the FBI’s practice of impersonating members of the news media. The lawsuit argues that AP and the Reporters Committee “are statutorily entitled to disclosure of these records, which they seek so that they may inform the public about the nature and extent of the FBI’s impersonation of journalists and news organizations. Defendants have improperly withheld the records requested by Plaintiffs in violation of the law and in opposition to the public’s strong interest in obtaining information regarding a law enforcement practice that undermines both the credibility and independence of the news media.”

Seattle: Students Lead Protests To Change School & Transit Policies

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 10.46.22 AM

By Ifrah Abshir in Occupy – For so long we have been told that there is no funding in the district budget to give RBHS the support it needs. Built in 1960, our school is the only one in the district that has not yet received a full renovation. Just last year we had nearly 15 power outages, some of them causing us to attend school in the dark and cold, or even to close school for the day. Our school still has chalkboards, whereas schools in whiter and more affluent neighborhoods have smart boards and more advanced technological tools that enhance student learning. Each year, students here organize walk outs and protests, and attend school board and city hall meetings – but we only receive promises of a new building. Promises that go unfulfilled. Another public school policy that disproportionately affects students and families of lower income is the “Walk-Zone” rule.

Let It Shine

Drone strikes and extrajudicial killings are part of a larger system of permanent war that has existed for generations in the United States and shows no sign of abating. (Image: Predator drone via Shutterstock)

By Kathy Kelly in Z Comm – This past summer, collaborating with Wisconsin activists, we decided to feature this refrain on signs and announcements for a 90-mile walk campaigning to end targeted drone assassinations abroad, and the similarly racist impunity granted to an increasingly militarized police force when they kill brown and black people within the U.S. Walking through small cities and towns in Wisconsin, participants distributed leaflets and held teach-ins encouraging people to demand accountability from local police, and an end to the “Shadow Drone” program operated by the U.S. Air National Guard out of Wisconsin’s own Volk Field. Our friend Maya Evans traveled the furthest to join the walk: she coordinates Voices for Creative Nonviolence in the UK. Alice Gerard, from Grand Isle, NY, is our most consistent long-distance traveler, on her sixth antiwar walk with VCNV.

TPP Opponents Protest NZ Prime Minister Fundraiser

NZ protesters confront police Aug. 27, 2015

By Eileen Goodwin for Otago Daily Times – Protesters jostled with police last night as they tried to disrupt a National Party fundraising event in Dunedin. Trans Pacific Partnership opponents hoped Prime Minister John Key would enter through the Savoy restaurant’s public entrance, but it is understood he used another door. Mr Key had earlier been guest of honour at the Otago Daily Times Class Act event at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery in the Octagon. The protest started outside the art gallery, before moving around the corner to the Savoy, in Princes St. Up to 100 protesters attended, split between the venue’s Moray Pl and Princes St entrances. Protesters linked arms in an attempt to keep National Party supporters out of the restaurant. Some supporters pushed their way in.

TransCanada Opts To 'Drill First, Ask Later' In Bay Of Fundy

Canada Bay of Fundy

The Tree reports – TransCanada is taking New Brunswickers by surprise this week, drilling boreholes in the Bay of Fundy for a pipeline project that hasn’t been approved yet. The energy giant is overseeing the Energy East project, a proposed cross-country pipeline that would pump bitumen from Canada’s tar sands all the way to eastern seaports. The National Energy Board, Canada’s regulatory body on energy projects, hasn’t granted TransCanada approval to build the pipeline yet, Canadian media outlet Ricochet received confirmation Thursday that the company will begin conducting tests near the proposed export terminal site.Meme Bay of Fundy According to a report published by the Conservation Council of New Brunswick last week, construction related to the Energy East pipeline would stress endangered whales and sea life in the Bay of Fundy

BLM Opposes DC Mayor's Increase In Policing

People react in opposition as D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser  increases in police activity during a press conference at the former Malcolm X Elementary School in Congress Heights. (Katherine Frey/The Washington Post)

By Eugene Puryear & Sean Blackman for Stop Police Terror – Mayor Muriel Bowser has released her plan addressing the spike in crime. Stop Police Terror and many others, have stated, she is headed in the wrong direction. In her framing she states the plan is “comprehensive.” Translated from politician-speak that means it contains “something for everyone.” Stop Police Terror has some serious concerns particularly about the massive increase in police presence and expansion of police powers. Much of what Bowser proposes is based on spurious information. Tougher penalties for crimes on public transit is a strategy that simply will not work. One of the principal studies on the effect of more severe penalties concluded: “the studies reviewed do not provide a basis for inferring that increasing the severity of sentences generally is capable of enhancing deterrent effects.” Stop Police Terror rejects this mass incarceration approach to criminal justice that has been proven by the academic and anecdotal evidence to be unsound.

NLRB Hands Fight For $15 Major Victory

The NLRB says that McDonald's is a 'joint employer' with its franchisees, opening the door for viable unionization drives in the entire franchise sector.   Wikimedia Commons

By Dave Jamieson in The Huffington Post – McDonald’s, Burger King and every other company that relies on a franchise business model just suffered the legal setback they’ve been fearing for years. The National Labor Relations Board ruled on Thursday that Browning Ferris Industries, a waste management company, qualifies as a “joint employer” alongside one of its subcontractors. The decision effectively loosens the standards for who can be considered a worker’s boss under labor law, and its impact will be felt in any industry that relies on franchising or outsourcing work. McDonald’s, for instance, could now find itself forced to sit at the bargaining table with workers employed by a franchisee managing one of its restaurants.

BLM & GetEQUAL Call On Clinton To Stand W/ Black Trans Women

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 11.14.18 AM

By Get Equal – Moments ago, organizers with GetEQUAL and Black Lives Matter disrupted Hillary Clinton’s grassroots campaign event in Cleveland, OH, demanding that she divest from private prisons and invest in the liberation of black transgender women. The organizers interrupted Clinton’s speech in order to name the three black trans women who have been recently murdered in the state of Ohio including Cemia Dove, a black trans woman murdered in Cleveland, carrying signs that read: “Hillary: Divest from Private Prisons, Invest in Black Trans Women.”

Georgia Activists Challenge Coke’s Support For ‘Heritage Of Hate’

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 10.42.32 AM

By Kate Aronoff in Waging Non-Violence – At a towering 1,600 feet, Stone Mountain is a majestic outgrowth from the suburbs of Atlanta. Less majestic, for many, is the three acre bas-relief monument to the Confederacy on its north side. Originally forged by Mount Rushmore creator Gutzon Borglum, the project was abandoned over creative differences in the 1920s, only to be completed once Stone Mountain’s grounds were purchased by the state of Georgia in 1958. The carving memorializes Confederate president Jefferson Davis, and the famed secessionist generals Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson and Robert E. Lee, who led the charge to maintain slavery in the South. Fittingly, Stone Mountain has long been a home to the South’s nostalgic white supremacists, and in 1915 became the birthplace of the second iteration of the Ku Klux Klan.

National Call To Action: Stop The TPP


By Flush the TPP. Now that Congress has given the President authority to Fast Track the TransPacific Partnership, US negotiators are working furiously to complete the deal. The word is that the group negotiations fell apart in Maui so negotiators are meeting in secret one-on-one to work out the final details. There is contention over sections regarding agriculture, pharmaceuticals, automobiles and intellectual property rights. Some countries are hesitant because the TPP is a bad deal for everyone except the transnational corporations and financiers who are set to line their pockets with more cash. Recently, tens of thousands of people took the streets in New Zealand with the message: “TPPA No Way, NZ Walk Away!” This is a crucial time to show greater resistance to his bad deal in the US.

Protesters Demand Prosecution Of 'Beat Up Squad'

NY protest killing of inmate front banner

By Jonathan Bix of Hudson Valley Black Lives Matter Coalition. Poughkeepsie, NY – On Thursday, the Hudson Valley Black Lives Matter Coalition and Samuel Harrell’s family and friends gathered in Hulme Park to call for justice for Mr. Harrell, a Black prisoner diagnosed with bipolar disorder who was killed by corrections officers at the Fishkill Correctional Facility. Fifty people gathered around enlarged photos of Mr. Harrell with his family, as his widow and sister spoke of their love for Samuel, their grief at his murder, and their commitment to fight until justice is won. The group marched down Market St., with several people wearing paper “bloody” hands and wearing signs with the names of the District Attorney (DA) and corrections officers known to have killed Samuel Harrell.