Strategic direct action and civil disobedience such as strikes, sit-ins and occupations can expose injustice, slow down or stop harmful practices and win specific demands. Below are some direct action groups and campaigns you can join or support. All of them are independent from corporate political parties and use nonviolent tactics and democratic decision-making. We also provide some excellent tools and resources for organizing creative and effective protests and direct actions.

Featured Video: The video to the right is a ten minute documentary by Mutual Aid Media on the Tar Sands Blockade, a group of activists and landowners in Texas who have built a campaign to stop the Keystone XL pipeline.

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Organizations and Direct Action Campaigns
Recent Articles in Resist!

1,000 People March And Rally In Queens In To Close Rikers Island Jail Complex

Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 1.05.40 PM

By Gabriel Sayegh for Close Rikers – New York, Sept. 24, 2016 – Nearly 1,000 New Yorkers — including NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer, Russell Simmons, NYC Council Members Brad Lander, Danny Dromm, and Antonio Reynoso, State Senator Gustavo Rivera, Rev. Vivian Nixon, and more — gathered in Queens on Saturday in a historic march and rally to call on New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio to close Rikers Island Jail Complex.

First Nations Chief Rejects ‘Charade’ UK-Canada Reconciliation Ceremony

"Our people on the ground that are in the midst of dealing with these tragedies on a daily basis will appreciate us standing up and acknowledging their plight and not blindly participating in yet another grandiose pomp and ceremony," Grand Chief Stewart Phillip said. (Photo: Province of British Columbia/flickr/cc)

By Nadia Prupis for Common Dreams – ‘Reconciliation has to be more than empty symbolic gestures,’ said Grand Chief Stewart Phillip of the Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs. A top British Columbia First Nations chief has rejected an invitation to a “reconciliation ceremony” with the U.K. royals during their visit to Canada, saying he would not participate in the “public charade” that whitewashes the government’s policy failures on Indigenous issues.

Charlotte Is Drowning In Systematic Injustice


By William J. Barber, II for NBC News – Just before 4pm, on Tuesday, September 20th, a Charlotte police officer shot and killed Keith Lamont Scott outside Scott’s parked car. Eyewitness and police reports do not agree on who the officer was, whether Scott was holding a book or a gun, or what took place between officers and Scott before the shooting. There is much we do not know. But there is unrest in Charlotte because of what we do know.

Here’s What Activists In Charlotte Want From City’s Police Department

Protesters sit in front of police in riot gear during the Charlotte uprising.

By Julia Craven for The Huffington Post – CHARLOTTE, N.C. ― Sixteen North Carolina-based activist organizations dedicated to ending police violence released a list of demands to increase transparency in the death of 43-year-old Keith Scott on Friday. Charlotte Uprising, the designation for the recently founded collective, revealed its demands after Scott was shot and killed by Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officers on Tuesday.

Letter Regarding Climate Change From Members Of U.S. National Academy Of Sciences

Climate change activists’ graffiti on a billboard near the Didcot coal-fired power station in Oxfordshire, UK. Photograph: Tim Myers

By Staff of Responsible Scientists – On September 20, 2016, 375 members of the National Academy of Sciences, including 30 Nobel laureates, published an open letter to draw attention to the serious risks of climate change. The letter warns that the consequences of opting out of the Paris agreement would be severe and long-lasting for our planet’s climate and for the international credibility of the United States.

Cities Begin Marching In Solidarity With Charlotte

Others parts of the U.S. are joining forces with North Carolina, expressing their outrage over the killing of Keith Scott.

By Jack Jenkins for Nation of Change – Charlotte, North Carolina entered a fourth day of peaceful protests Friday night, sparking solidarity demonstrations in other parts of the country as people continue to express outrage over the killing of Keith Lamont Scott, a black man, who was shot dead by police earlier this week. More than 100 demonstrators chanted and waved signs reading “Just Release the Tapes” as they marched through Charlotte’s business district, demanding that local police release videos of the shooting recorded on dashboard and body cameras.

Bad-Ass Transgender Student Took His Transphobic School To Court

Ash Whitaker and his mother.
Transgender Law Center

By Mark Joseph Stern for Slate – Ash Whitaker is a high-school student who gets good grades, plays in the orchestra, and hangs out with his friends. He is also a bad-ass. After Whitaker came out as transgender, his school in Kenosha, Wisconsin, launched a campaign of discrimination against him. The school forced him to use the girl’s bathroom, addressed him with female pronouns, and referred to him by his (female) birth name.

Texas Defied Court’s Voting Rights Order And The Court Is Angry

Voting African Americans

By Ian Millhiser for Think Progress. Earlier this month, the Justice Department informed a federal court that Texas is violating a recent court order that sought to keep the state from disenfranchising voters. After an appeals court struck down the state’s voter ID law, a common form of voter suppression favored by conservative lawmakers, the state agreed to be bound by an order that would permit voters to cast a ballot in the 2016 election if they “cannot reasonably obtain” photo ID. Despite this order, Texas published press releases, voter education materials, and training manuals for poll workers that effectively stated that a voter without ID cannot vote unless it is literally impossible for that voter to obtain a photo ID. Thus, for example, a voter who had to make multiple day long trips to a government office and make burdensome document requests to obtain an ID would not be able to vote, under Texas’ standard, unless that voter was willing to jump through all of these considerable hoops. On Tuesday, Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos, the judge overseeing this case, weighed in on Texas’ defiance of the court order. And, if the order she issued on Tuesday is any indication, she’s pissed.

The Heavy Price of Chile’s Privatized Water

Protesters in Santiago last month, who called for an end to privatised water in Chile. Photograph: Miguel Hechenleitner/Movimiento por la Recuperación del Agua y la Vida

By Daniel Gallagher for the Guardian. When it comes to water, Chile is failing its citizens. In Santiago, the nation’s capital, millions of people are regularly left without running water for days at a time and experts are warning of water scarcity to come across the country astemperatures rise and glaciers retreat. “What we need is a transformation away from the private model of water ownership and to recognise water as a human right,” says Francisca Fernández, spokeswoman for the Movimiento por la Recuperación del Agua y la Vida which campaigns for public ownership of water. The organisation emerged four years ago at a time of mounting climatic stress in Santiago. A recent protest saw at least 2,000 people take to the capital’s streets to demand the repeal of laws that privatised Chile’s water supply. At the heart of the protest and others like it in recent years lies frustration that the privatisation of water has kept prices unnecessarily high, delivered poor service and done little to address concerns over insufficient supply in the future.

Opponents Slam Atlantic Coat Pipeline Plans

Gas Pipeline construction

By Lindell John Kay for Rocky Mountain News. In the same week utility companies selected a project contractor, local residents gathered to oppose the proposed natural gas pipeline that will run through Nash County. Around two dozen opponents of the 600-mile Atlantic Coast Pipeline gathered Thursday night at the Red Oak Community Buildingt to hold a people’s hearing, calling on officials with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to reject the pipeline proposal. While local opposition is building, Duke Progress Energy, Dominion Transmission and other utilities are moving forward with their plans. Spring Ridge Constructors have been tapped to lead construction. The firm is a joint venture of four leading U.S. natural gas pipeline construction companies. Thousands of workers are expected to be hired to build the pipeline running from West Virginia to North Carolina, utility representatives said. The interstate pipeline has struck a nerve with local landowners.

Hawaiians Reject President Obama’s Rule To Federalize Hawaiian Tribe

2012 King Kamehameha Parade in Honolulu, Hawaii; King Kamehameha Warriors: photo by Daniel Ramirez on Flickr (use permitted with attribution).

By Malu ‘Aina for Center for non-violent education and action. As President Obama announces his plans to federalize Hawaiians as a tribe, Hawaiian community leaders and groups who have for many years protested attempts to turn Hawaiians into Native Americans (the Akaka Bill), will hold a press conference Friday, September 23rd at 12 noon in front of‘Iolani Palace. They will restate their opposition to the Obama Administration’s Department of Interior (DOI) rule change. “This change is intended to circumvent legal, congressional processes, and Hawaiian community input,” said Healani-Sonoda Pale, founding member of the group, Protest Na‘i Aupuni and one of the organizers of the press conference. “President Obama tasked his DOI to come up with a process that will allow him to use his Executive Order privilege and designate federally chosen groups of Hawaiians as recognized. Without any congressional oversight or congressional vetting, President Obama and his successor will confer immense power on a pseudo native government,” Sonoda-Pale said. “And this will allow the DOI to move forward with a process of creating land and resource settlements that typically follow legitimate, congressionally conferred federal recognition.”

EPA Plan For Unlimited Dumping of Fracking Wastewater In The Gulf

An offshore platform in the Gulf of Mexico. Under current Environmental Protection Agency standards, offshore platform operators can dump unlimited amounts of fracking chemicals mixed with water from undersea wells directly into the ocean. (Photo: Jonathan Henderson / Vanishing Earth)

By Mike Ludwig for Truthout. Environmentalists are warning the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that its draft plan to continue allowing oil and gas companies to dump unlimited amounts of fracking chemicals and wastewater directly into the Gulf of Mexico is in violation of federal law. In a letter sent to EPA officials on Monday, attorneys for the Center for Biological Diversity warned that the agency’s draft permit for water pollution discharges in the Gulf fails to properly consider how dumping wastewater containing chemicals from fracking and acidizing operations would impact water quality and marine wildlife. The attorneys claim that regulators do not fully understand how the chemicals used in offshore fracking and other well treatments — some of which are toxic and dangerous to human and marine life — can impact marine environments, and crucial parts of the draft permit are based on severely outdated data. Finalizing the draft permit as it stands would be a violation of the Clean Water Act, they argue.

Syria Solidarity Movement Statement On US Attack Against Syrian Army


By Syria Solidarity Movement for Dissident Voice. The Syria Solidarity Movement unequivocally condemns and denounces the vicious US bombing attack on the Syrian army defending Deir ez-Zour. We find the US explanation of “unintended” targets, and especially the belligerent performance of Ambassador Samantha Power at the United Nations Security Council, to be false, disingenuous and counterproductive. The only credible explanation is that the US attack on Deir ez-Zour was intentional. The US has never seriously tried to fight ISIS other than to defend Kurdish fighters, with rare and largely ineffectual attacks against ISIS fighters in their strongholds, and none during the ISIS campaign against Palmyra, when they were very vulnerable by air. We believe that the US intention is to dismember the sovereign Syrian state, and that the Syrian army base at Deir ez-Zour constitutes an obstacle to this plan, and is therefore a US target. We are doubtful that the US intends to honor its agreement with Russia, and implicitly with Syria. US strategists are seeking to weaken and threaten Russia and not to form cooperative and mutually beneficial agreements.

With Attention on Dakota, Obama Quietly Approves Two New Pipelines


By Tom Cahill for US Uncut. While the U.S. Department of Justice temporarily halted construction of a section of the Dakota Access Pipeline, two other pipelines are moving forward. In May, the Obama administration granted the permits for both the Trans-Pecos and Comanche Trail pipelines, and while construction has not yet begun on the pipelines, implementation plans for the building of the pipelines is well underway. Earlier this week, DeSmogBlog investigative reporter Steve Horn highlighted the approval and pending construction of both pipelines, as well as their significant impact on local water supplies and indigenous territory. As Horn wrote, the Trans-Pecos pipeline will carry natural gas extracted from the Permian Basin in West Texas, and transport it across international borders to Mexico.

The Riots Will Continue

By Vincent Emanuele for Counter Punch – In 1917, white supremacists, the National Guard and the St. Louis Police killed an estimated 150-200 blacks in what is commonly referred to as the “East St. Louis Massacre.” Much like St. Louis, Chicago was an up-and-coming industrial city that was experiencing massive demographic shifts as a result of the “Great Migration” north at the beginning of the 20th century. Similarly, Chicago experienced its own race riots in 1919, where 38 people were killed and 500 injured.