Strategic direct action and civil disobedience such as strikes, sit-ins and occupations can expose injustice, slow down or stop harmful practices and win specific demands. Below are some direct action groups and campaigns you can join or support. All of them are independent from corporate political parties and use nonviolent tactics and democratic decision-making. We also provide some excellent tools and resources for organizing creative and effective protests and direct actions.

Featured Video: The video to the right is a ten minute documentary by Mutual Aid Media on the Tar Sands Blockade, a group of activists and landowners in Texas who have built a campaign to stop the Keystone XL pipeline.

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Organizations and Direct Action Campaigns
Recent Articles in Resist!

“No” With Dignity, Greek Decline Under Troika Dicates

Image: Anti-austerity protest at Syntagma Square in June 2011.

By Leonidas Oikonomakis in Roarmag – The then-Prime Minister Giorgakis Papandreou (son of Andreas and grandson of Giorgos) appeared on state television to send his televised message to the Greek people from the harbor of Kastelorizo: “Our ship is sinking,” he said, “and we have to turn to our partners, the IMF and the EU, who will provide us with a safe harbor where we can rebuild it.” As the saying has it: “a ship is safe in harbor — but that’s not what ships are for.” However, this is how Greece’s self-destructive dance with the Troika began. At the time, the country’s public debt was at 120% of GDP, the unemployment rate at 12%, the youth unemployment rate at around 30%, and suicide rates were an unfamiliar concept.

Former ‘Comfort Women’ Protest Philippines-Japan Military Ties

Teddy Casino (left), a former representative in Congress and current spokesman for the leftist group Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (New Patriotic Alliance), speaks at a rally on June 23 in front of the Japanese Embassy in Manila. | KYODO

By Ronron Calunsod in Japan Times – Victims of Japanese military wartime sex abuses in the Philippines and leftist groups protested in front of the Japanese Embassy in Manila last week to denounce growing military ties between the Philippines and Japan as the two nations held naval drills in the South China Sea. “We are worried that what happened during World War II will be repeated this time — women being snatched, locked up and then raped,” Hilaria Bustamante, an 89-year-old former “comfort woman,” said during their demonstration. The term “comfort women” is a euphemism to describe those who were forced to work in Japanese military brothels before and during World War II.

Japan’s Diet Gets 1.65m Signatures Against Security Bills

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (center) speaks to media at his official residence in Tokyo on April 12, 2013. © 2013 Reuters

By China Daily – A citizen group named “Anti-war Committee of 1000″ on Monday submitted to the Diet of Japan more than 1.65 million signed protests demanding the Diet to give up the controversial security legislations and the decision to lift the ban on collective self-defense. The committee, sponsored by constitution scholars and authors, has launched an initiative in January 2015 to collect signed protests regarding the Cabinet’s decision last July to allow Japan exercise collective self-defense right and the planned passage of “war bills” during the current Diet session. As of late May, they have collected more than 1.65 million signatures and have submitted them to the Prime Minister’s office on June 23.

New Report: Building A Movement Together

By UCLA Labor Center

By UCLA Labor Center – Over the last decade, the labor movement has begun to transform, rebuilding and reinvigorating itself from the ground level. A decisive element of this transformation is organized labor’s evolving partnership with worker centers. In 2006, the AFL-CIO institutionalized partnerships with worker centers through a process of affiliation. Today, 16 worker centers, 16 central labor councils and one state federation involved in 16 local affiliations are active throughout the country. These partnerships have led to significant accomplishments in local policy campaigns against wage theft and other forms of exploitation against workers, strong solidarity support for organizing efforts to win a union or address conditions in the workplace, and ongoing local joint initiatives that couple collaboration and innovation.

Reprieve In Texas, Assault On Reproductive Rights Continues

Abortion-rights advocates said the law would shut more than half of the clinics remaining in the state.(Photo: AP)

By John Queally in Common Dreams – Advocates for reproductive rights welcomed the ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday which put a block on a Texas law that would have shuttered nearly every abortion clinic in the state. In a 5-4 decision (pdf), the ruling came in the form of a stay that will delay enforcement of the law—originally passed in the Texas legislature as H.B. 2 and signed into law in 2013—until a full challenge is taken up by the court. The stay, in effect, suspends a ruling from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit earlier this month which upheld specific provisions of the law that would have likely resulted in the closure of all but nine abortion clinics in the state.

Protest Is The New Terror: Law Enforcement Criminalizing Dissent

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 12.17.11 AM

By Derek Royden in Occupy – The unique moment created by anti-police brutality protests throughout the U.S. last year – and coming on the heels of a federally coordinated effort to dismantle Occupy encampments in 2011 – revealed that federal police agencies, especially the FBI, working with local police have directed their resources as much against protesters, dissenters and those practicing and civil disobedience as they have against the threat represented by terrorists, whether homegrown “lone wolves” or organized outside groups. While the recent NSA reform bill passed in Congress represents a victory for civil liberties and privacy advocates, there’s still a ways to go. Because while the right to dissent remains a fundamental American freedom, the fear of terrorism being openly exploited by law enforcement has allowed police to resurrect COINTELPRO in all but name.

Peru Cracking Down Against Dissent On Excavation Economy

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 12.07.55 AM

By Lynn Holland in COHA – Throughout much of southern Peru and Cajamarca region in the north, farmers and community organizations have declared their opposition to a $1.4 billion USD copper mining project known as Tía María. The project belongs to Southern Copper Corporation, which is owned by Grupo México, a Mexican American mining company. Community members are quite familiar with Southern Copper’s dismal record in neighboring regions where its mining projects have dried up water supplies and contaminated surrounding lands. The result for indigenous and other rural people has been serious illness and the loss of employment in farming and fishing. With this in mind, the Tambo Valley communities rejected the project by a resounding93.4 percent during a popular consultation in 2009.

Statement By Bree Newsome:

Am frühen Samstagmorgen kletterte Bree Newsome, 30, auf den Fahnenmast vor dem Parlament in Columbia, South Carolina – und nahm die umstrittene Konföderiertenflagge einfach ab Foto: REUTERS

By Bree Newsome in Blue Nation Review – As you are admiring my courage in that moment, please remember that this is not, never has been and never should be just about one woman. This action required collective courage just as this movement requires collective courage. Not everyone who participated in the strategizing for this non-violent direct action volunteered to have their names in the news so I will respect their privacy. Nonetheless, I’m honored to be counted among the many freedom fighters, both living and dead. I see no greater moral cause than liberation, equality and justice f­­or all God’s people. What better reason to risk your own freedom than to fight for the freedom of others? That’s the moral courage demonstrated yesterday by James Ian Tyson who helped me across the fence and stood guard as I climbed. History will rightly remember him alongside the many white allies who, over the centuries, have risked their own safety in defense of black life and in the name of racial equality.

Bree Newsome Took A Stand, Will You?

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 11.38.54 AM

By Jennifer Farmer in Alternet – Newsome bravely scaled a pole at the South Carolina State Capitol and removed the confederate flag from state grounds. While many of us bemoaned the display of the racist symbol of oppression and white supremacy, Newsome took action. As she was led away in cuffs, she stoically recited biblical scripture. This was not the first, and I suspect it will not be the last time, Bree took a stand for something in which she believed. In 2013, she protested North Carolina’s voter suppression law during the Moral Monday protests organized by the Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II and the North Carolina State Conference of the NAACP. Newsome exhibits the brand of bravery we should all aspire to gain ourselves.

Dominion CEO Worried About Grassroots Social Media Organizing

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 11.29.40 AM

By Glen Boshart in We Are Cove Point – Farrell experienced firsthand the power of social media when Dominion’s Cove Point LNG export project came under heavy fire by activists, who also protested the project in person at FERC by repeatedly disrupting that agency’s meetings. The executive acknowledged that the power industry has not always been “on the cutting edge” with respect to using social media tools, but added, “we’re going to have to learn how to do it and we’re going to have to learn how to respond.” Farrell said that ability to respond has become even more important with the emergence of a new coalition of opponents. He noted that opponents of new projects in the past tended to be mostly people who did not want a project to involve the use of their property. This new coalition, however, includes these people teaming up with environmental groups that want no fossil fuel use at all, as well as Tea Party conservatives who oppose government intrusion on principle, Farrell said.

Washington State Youth Win In Their Climate Change Lawsuit


By Western Environment Law Center – On Tuesday, King County Superior Court Judge Hollis Hill issued a landmark decision in Zoe & Stella Foster v. Washington Department of Ecology, the climate change case brought by eight young citizens of Washington State. In her decision, Judge Hill ordered the Washington Department of Ecology (“Ecology”) to reconsider the petition the eight youth filed with Ecology last year asking for carbon dioxide reductions, and to report back to the court by July 8, 2015, as to whether they will consider the undisputed current science necessary for climate recovery. Last June, the young petitioners filed a petition for rulemaking to Ecology requesting that the agency promulgate a rule that would limit carbon dioxide emissions in Washington according to what scientists say is needed to protect our oceans and climate system.

Anti-Bailout Protests As Greece Rows With EU

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 11.03.09 AM

By Sky News – Some 17,000 demonstrators have gathered on the streets of Greece to protest against the latest bailout deal – accusing its international creditors of blackmail. Many support Prime Minister Alexis Tspiras and said they would heed his call to vote against the latest deal in a referendum on Sunday – despite the risks the country might then go crashing out of the eurozone. “The people of Greece have made many sacrifices. What interests me is not the euro but guaranteeing a dignified way of life for the next generations,” said Vanguelis Tseres, 50, who has been unemployed since the start of the debt crisis in 2010, in Syntagma square in Athens.

Scenes From Domestic Worker Organizing

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 10.47.43 AM

By Rucha Chitnis in ReImagine – “There is an entrenched devaluation of immigrant women workers. Domestic workers are breadwinners of their families throughout Latin America and Asia. In so many ways they are uplifting the economies of their countries through remittances,” said Katie Joaquin, campaign director of the California Domestic Workers Coalition. “We see this as an international struggle that is critical to the leadership of women,” she said. There are nearly two million domestic workers in the United States, more than 90 percent of them women, mostly low-income immigrant women from diverse ethnicities. Over the past 25 years, MUA has built a worker-center model of sharing power and harnessing workers’ collective bargaining rights.

Progress Report: Amend The Constitution

(CC) Light Brigading

By Reclaim The American Dream – Sixteen states from coast to coast have gone on record in favor of a constitutional amendment to restore the power of Congress and the states to put some limits on campaign spending. They have acted either through popular referendum, legislative resolutions or collective letters from elected state leaders to Congress. Roughly 500 municipalities, from Liberty, Maine, to Los Angeles, California have also demanded constitutional action to reinstitute clear controls on campaign spending. The Los Angeles referendum, passed by a 77% majority in May 2013, was fairly typical. It instructed elected representatives to seek an amendment stating that “there should be limits on political campaign spending and that corporations should not have the constitutional rights of human beings.”

Zeese And Flowers: TPP Fight Is NOT Over!

People gather at Peace Arch Park in 2012 to oppose the U.S.-led Trans Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP). (Photo: Caelie_Frampton/flickr/cc)

Interview with Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers by Joan Brunwasser in OpEdNews – The Congress will receive it for 60 days before the Fast Track clock starts counting, then there will be additional time for the House to debate and vote followed by the Senate. So we will have several months to educate, organize and mobilize people. This is likely to occur in the Fall, some estimate the likely time will be November. We will know more about the exact dates as we see when the negotiations are finalized. The key thing about that timing is the election season. Anytime after Labor Day is considered the re-election season for members of Congress. This puts them more on edge, more concerned about the voters. As we saw in the Fast Track vote, only the minimum number would take the risk of voting for Fast Track. Elected officials concern with public opinion, and fear of a populist revolt, will be an even greater concern in the fall.