Along with direct action and other forms of resistance, a successful movement must also build new institutions based on solidarity, justice and cooperation. From small, worker-owned cooperatives to national advocacy groups, hundreds of thousands of people around the country are working to create democratic and sustainable systems that meet the basic needs of all people. Below are some organizations, tools and other resources to help you get involved creating a new world.

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No Art Left Behind

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By Susan Dufresne and Anthony Cody for Living in Dialogue – In the past 13 years of No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top test-driven education policies, art has been pushed to the margins in our schools. Students have lost countless hours for creating art, music and dance that expresses themselves. But artistic expression is like the seedling that forces its way through cracks in the asphalt. This blog series will explore how students and teachers use art to express themselves. The series was inspired by a Facebook post authored by artist and kindergarten teacher Susan DuFresne.

It’s #TimeToChoose Climate-Friendly Food

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By Michael Pollan for The Huffington Post – When the international climate negotiators assembling in Paris next week sit down for dinner, they might reflect on the climate impact of their meal. Indeed, in the midst of a growing – and very encouraging – global conversation on how to address the common threat of climate change, far too little attention has been paid at the highest levels to the impact of our diets and farming practices on planet-warming emissions. To put it another way: if we are serious about changing the climate, we need to get serious about changing agriculture.

Go Carbon Free: Protect The Climate, Save Money, Create Jobs

Demonstrators make their way down Sixth Avenue in New York during the People’s Climate March Sunday, Sept. 21, 2014.S

By Staff of Labor Network for Sustainability – Today labor and environmental organizations released a new report, The Clean Energy Future: Protecting the Climate, Creating Jobs and Saving Money, showing that the United States can reduce greenhouse gas [GHG] emissions 80 percent by 2050 — while adding half-a-million jobs and saving Americans billions of dollars on their electrical, heating, and transportation costs. Joe Uehlein of the Labor Network for Sustainability says, “This report is good news for American workers. Protecting the climate has often been portrayed as a threat to American workers’ jobs and the U.S. economy. But this report shows that a clean energy future will produce more jobs than “business as usual” with fossil fuels.”

Hong Kong’s ‘Umbrella Soldiers’ Win Seats In Local Elections

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By Donny Kwok and Clare Baldwin for Reuters – Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement got a boost on Monday with about eight candidates involved in crippling protests last year winning office at district-level elections, while some veterans from both sides of the political divide suffered defeat. The election of the so-called Umbrella Soldiers – named after the 2014 demonstrations in which activists used umbrellas to guard against tear gas and pepper spray – reflects continued support for political change in the Chinese-ruled city. “The paratroopers are the new force,” said James Sung, a political analyst at the City University of Hong Kong, referring to candidates inspired by the Umbrella movement.

Rojava’s Democratic, Feminist Revolution A Source Of Hope

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By Tony Iltis and Stuart Munckton for Tele SUR – Syria can seem an endless black hole of misery, but in the northern, largely Kurdish region of Rojava, it is also the scene of a profoundly democratic and humanist revolution, which places the rights of ethnic minorities and women’s liberation at its centre. Ironically, given the horror that surrounds it, Rojava is the site of the most profound experiments on grassroots, participatory democracy outside of the revolutionary projects in Latin America. Like in Venezuela, the ideal of “the commune” is at the heart of Rojava’s burgeoning democracy.

Medical Marijuana Patients To DEA Chief: Pot Is No ‘Joke’

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By Ruby Mellen for The HUffington Post – WASHINGTON — Medical marijuana patients and advocates on Friday delivered a petition to Drug Enforcement Administration headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, calling for the firing of DEA chief Chuck Rosenberg for his characterization that using the drug as medicine was “a joke.” The petition, signed by more than 100,000 people, calls on President Barack Obama to oust Rosenberg and appoint a new DEA head “who will respect science, medicine, patients and voters.”

Declaration: If We Want To Save The Earth


For We are a coalition of international activists and this is our environmental declaration approved by 36 popular organizations from the Americas and Europe. We include the largest union of peasant farmers in Colombia; leading anti-war groups from the United States; environmental and youth collectives from Venezuela; political movements from Peru; and independence activists from the Basque Country. We also include human rights defenders, students, environmentalists and social activists from Mexico, Argentina, Spain and Nicaragua. Everyone wants to save the planet and achieve climate justice. This struggle is very broad and includes activists from many classes, political orientations and countries. But there are some of us who understand that ultimately we won’t be able to save the planet, or at least an Earth that we can recognize by its biodiversity, without dismantling capitalism and imperialism.

Former Black Panther Uses ‘Bonus Years’ To Make Art

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Krithika Varagur for The Huffington Post – Fixers is a series from What’s Working that profiles the people behind the most creative solutions to big problems. Jamal Joseph was just 15 when he joined the Black Panthers, though he fudged that number to 16, reasoning that it was a more plausible age for an activist. It was the famously incandescent year of 1968. On his first day at a Panthers meeting in New York, he met Afeni Shakur, future mother of Tupac. He was overfull of nervous energy and promised the room, “I will kill a white dude right now!

Land Trusts: Control Housing Prices, Stop Gentrificate & Aid Urban Farms

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Penn Loh for YES! Magazine – Tony Hernandez remembers playing as a child on the vacant lots in the Dudley Street neighborhood of Boston. In the 1980s, white flight and disinvestment had so devastated this neighborhood that more than 20 percent of the land—1,300 lots—lay vacant. Today, Hernandez owns a home on this land, one of 225 units of permanently affordable housing. His home is surrounded by parks and gardens, a town common, community center, charter school, community greenhouse, and several urban farms. This transformation was led by residents of the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative, who in the late 1980s established a community land trust to take democratic ownership of the land and guide development.

Push For Rent Control Is Taking Root Across America

Rent control Sawant march

By Randy Shaw for Counterpunch. Activists in cities that have long had rent control laws are pushing for stronger measures. In Los Angeles, activists like Larry Gross, Director of the Coalition for Economic Survival, want the city to stop allowing tenants to be evicted so that speculators can demolish their rent-controlled buildings (emptying the building through the Ellis Act, a state law that preempts local just cause eviction laws). CES and their allies forced the head of the California Housing Finance Agency toresign over his Ellis Act eviction of tenants. The spread of rent control campaigns goes beyond California. In Seattle, sharply rising rents and tenant displacement led Councilmembers Kshama Sawant and Nick Licata to push for a Council resolutionrepealing of the statewide ban on rent control. On September 21, Seattle’s City Council backed the resolution calling for repealing the state preemption of local rent control enacted in 1981. Portland tenants are also pushing for rent control.

Solidarity Economy – From Quebec To Chicago To Mexico

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By Derek Royden for Occupy – Defining the term “solidarity economy” can be difficult: it has become a kind of catch-all to describe everything from worker-owned cooperatives to open source software to complementary currencies. Surprisingly, the ideas promoted in the solidarity economy aren’t very well known in the English-speaking world, though they’ve been gaining a foothold in academia and civil society groups since the turn of the century. Quebec, Canada’s French language-majority province, is where the concept began to get traction in the late 1980s, mostly influenced by European experience (the word “solidarity” is, after all, French).

GMO Free Zone To Protect Traditional & Organic Farmers

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By Staff of Center for Food Center – SAN LUIS, COLORADO (November 12, 2015)— THE CENTER FOR FOOD SAFETY (CFS) is proud to support a new ordinance introduced today in Costilla County, Colorado that would establish a “Center of Origin” GMO-Free Zone of Protection to preserve the county’s unique agricultural products and traditional farming systems. The ordinance is intended to protect the county’s traditional acequia (community irrigation ditch) farmers and their land race heirloom maize varieties that are unique to the Upper Rio Grande watershed.

Thousands Ride For Survival In Firefly Brigade


By Staff of Dakila – Manila, Philippines — Thousands of cyclists gather for the 16th Tour of the Fireflies to promote bicycles as part of a long-term solution to traffic congestion, mass transportation, air and noise pollution, and climate change. The 16th Tour of the Fireflies is organized by the Firefly Brigade, a non-profit organization that promotes the use of bicycle for clean air and sustainable communities. Dubbed as The B.I.G. Ride – Bicycles InteGral to Mobility Solutions, the tour will be held on November 15, days before world leaders converge in Manila for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit. “Together with bicyclists from all over the Philippines, the 16th Tour of the Fireflies 2015 calls the attention of the region’s leaders to urgent action to the grave consequences of Climate Change on vulnerable economies and its people

Viva La Revolución: Mexico City Cyclists Fight For Right To Ride In Safety

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By Nick Mead for The Guardian – Stand on Mexico City’s grand Paseo de la Reforma boulevard on a Sunday morning and you’ll hear gears whirring, bells ringing and the chatter of voices as 50,000 people cycle, scoot and skate along 35 miles of closed roads. Stop and listen on any other day of the week and all you’ll hear is the roar of 10 lanes of traffic. This sprawling megacity of 21 million is home to 5.5m cars, and that number is growing despite some of the worst traffic jams in the world. Residents spend an average of three hours a day commuting, and car speeds during rush hour have fallen to around 7.5mph (12km/h).

CEO Richard Master Masterminds Full Medicare For All

Healthcare Keep Your Politics out of my healthcare

By Staff of The Nader Page – Just when the prospects for single-payer or full Medicare for everyone, with free choice of doctors and hospitals, appear to be going nowhere, from Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley comes a stirring that could go national and make single-payer a reality. Throwing down the gauntlet on the grounds of efficiency and humanness, businessman Richard Master, CEO of MCS Industries Inc., the nation’s leading supplier of wall and poster frames, is bent on arousing the nation’s business leaders to back single-payer – the efficient full Medicare for all – solution.