Activism And Vision: An Interview With Michael Albert

Detail of the mural "Educación o Esclavitud" (Education and Enslavement) in Buenos Aires, by Néstor Portillo. Photo: Wally Gobetz

By Michael Albert for ROAR Magazine – I was radicalized in the 1960s. I happened to be attending MIT at the time, which is primarily a scientific-technical school. I was there to study physics. The war in Vietnam was raging. The Civil Rights movement was in full gear and concern about these trumped what I was doing at university. Had it not been for these movements, I would have focused on my “career.” Instead, I became politically involved with stopping the war and pursuing campus changes, though my activism quickly branched-out to other topics, and eventually to media projects and answering the question, “What do we want?”

Has Monsanto Poisoned Most People In The United States


By Staff of The Detox Project – Glyphosate, the most used herbicide in the World, has been found in the urine of 93% of the American public during a unique testing project that started in 2015. Glyphosate, labeled a ‘Probable human carcinogen’ by the World Health Organization’s cancer agency IARC in 2015, has now been revealed to be ubiquitous in the first ever comprehensive and validated LC/MS/MS testing project to be carried out across America.

Fossil Fuel Investments Growing Riskier for Insurers

Low oil prices have jolted the investment world, but a new analysis says fossil fuels' climate risks should be getting insurance companies' attention too. Credit: Getty Images

By Zahra Hirji for Inside Climate News – The 40 largest insurance companies in the United States have $237 billion invested in electric and gas utilities, $221 billion tied to oil and gas companies and nearly $2 billion locked into coal, a new report reveals. With nearly a half-trillion dollars in bonds, equity and other holdings tied to the fossil fuel industry, an analysis published Tuesday by the sustainability group Ceres says insurers should be evaluating their investment exposure to climate change risks.

Ferguson Prosecutor Determined To Convict Activists Finally Resigns

Stephanie Karr has been the target of many public protests in Ferguson.

By Mariah Stewart for The Huffington Post – ST. LOUIS — After pressure from the media and community activists, Ferguson’s relentless part-time head prosecutor Stephanie Karr has announced her resignation. In a letter to city officials Monday, Karr wrote that she would resign with a “heavy heart,” saying the decision was “thoughtfully deliberated” with family and colleagues, but ultimately hers alone. “I have greatly enjoyed my work with the city of Ferguson,” Karr wrote.

Baltimore Officers Sue Prosecutor For Defamation Over Freddie Gray Case

Protesters on the streets of Baltimore after the death in custody of a young black man, Freddie Gray. Photograph: Algerina Perna/AP

By Justin Fenton and Kevin Rector for The Baltimore Sun – Two officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray are suing Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby for defamation and invasion of privacy. Sgt. Alicia White and Officer William Porter, who are facing charges of involuntary manslaughter in the 25-year-old’s death last April, filed the lawsuit against Mosby, Baltimore sheriff’s office Maj. Sam Cogen and the state of Maryland on May 2, according to Baltimore Circuit Court records made public Wednesday.

Storing The Sun’s Energy Just Got A Whole Lot Cheaper

S&C ELECTRIC COMPANY Part of a game-changing 4.2 MW solar + storage system in Minster, Ohio.

By Joe Romm for Think Progress – With prices dropping rapidly for both renewables and battery storage, the economics of decarbonizing the grid are changing faster than most policymakers, journalists, and others realize. So, as part of my ongoing series, “Almost Everything You Know About Climate Change Solutions Is Outdated,” I will highlight individual case studies of this real-time revolution. My Monday post discussed the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC) report that in the first quarter, the U.S. grid added 18 megawatts of new natural gas generating capacity, but 1,291 MW of new renewables.

Brazil Minister Ousted After Secret Tape Reveals Plot To Topple President Rousseff

Romero Jucá, the recently appointed planning minister, was recorded saying: ‘We have to stop this shit. We have to change the government to be able to stop this bleeding.’ Photograph: Evaristo Sa/AFP/Getty Images

By Jonathan Watts for The Guardian – The credibility of Brazil’s interim government was rocked on Monday when a senior minister was forced to step aside amid further revelations about the machiavellian plot to impeach president Dilma Rousseff. Just 10 days after taking office, the planning minister, Romero Jucá, announced that he would “go on leave” following the release of a secretly taped telephone conversation in which he said Rousseff needed to be removed to quash a vast corruption investigation that implicated him and other members of the country’s political elite.

Wikileaks Publishes Leak On TISA Trade Agreement

Wikileaks leaks TiSA

By Staff of Wikileaks – Today, Wednesday, 25 May 2016, 11:30am CEST, WikiLeaks releases new secret documents from the huge Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) which is being negotiated by the US, EU and 22 other countries that account for 2/3rds of global GDP. This release includes a previously unknown annex to the TiSA core chapter on “State Owned Enterprises” (SOEs), which imposes unprecedented restrictions on SOEs and will force majority owned SOEs to operate like private sector businesses.

Brazil Social Movement Plans To Escalate Land Occupations After Coup

In Brasilia, members of the Landless MST workers movement join in protest. | Photo: Reuters

By Staff of Tele Sur – Latin America’s largest social movement has promised a new wave of farm occupations in Brazil following President Dilma Rousseff’s suspension to stand trial in the Senate, an official with the Landless Workers Movement (MST) said. The movement, a long-time ally of Rousseff’s Workers Party which says it has two million members across Brazil, will target “idle” farm land owned by members of the interim government and its backers, MST spokeswoman Marina do Santos said Tuesday.

President Macri Gives Go Ahead To US Military Installations In Argentina

U.S. President Barack Obama meets with Argentina President Mauricio Macri during his March 2016 visit. | Photo: EFE

By Staff of Tele Sur – According to a report among the plans is also the negotiation of another military base in the border with Paraguay and Brazil. A military delegation sent by Argentine President Mauricio Macri on Wednesday signed an agreement on military cooperation with the United States, which entails the establishment of a U.S. military base in Ushuaia, the southernmost tip of the South American nation.

Gulf Coast Activist Crashes Shell Meeting To Decry Destruction Of Her Home

Photographer and filmmaker Monique Verdin documented how fossil fuel extraction impacts coastal communities in her 2012 film My Louisiana Love. (Photo: Andy Cook)

By Deirdre Fulton for Common Dreams – Just two weeks after Royal Dutch Shell’s offshore drilling operations released nearly 90,000 gallons of oil into the water off the Louisiana coast, an Indigenous activist from the Gulf region spoke out at Shell’s annual shareholders meeting in the Netherlands on Tuesday, highlighting the company’s history of environmental devastation in the place she calls home. “In the late 90s, after learning that their community was plagued by an open-air, toxic, oil-field waste facility…

Healthcare Professionals Demand Police Brutality Be Declared Health Crisis

Panel discussion at Cole Hall, UCSF. Photo by Natasha Dangond

By Sana Saleem for 48 Hills – and healthcare professionals from the University of California, San Francisco and San Francisco State University argued yesterday that police brutality should be seen as a public health issue. The event was put together by the “Do No Harm Coalition” a coalition of healthcare workers and students that formed after the hunger strike to start working on addressing the issue of police violence in San Francisco. The event featured four members of the Frisco 5 – the five San Francisco residents who went on a 17-day hunger strike to demand resignation of Chief Suhr

Trump’s Albuquerque Rally Erupts In Violence

Mounted riot police approach the crowds as protesters were cornered and rounded up during the highly-charged confrontation

By David Martosko for The Daily Mail – Donald Trump has hit out at [community members] who protested a rally in Albuquerque last night which turned violent when demonstrators trying to disrupt his speech clashed with riot police, set fire to flags and sent people running in fear over the sound of a ‘gunshot’. Around 100 protesters broke through a barricade outside the building shortly after Trump took to the stage, trying to throw rocks through a window and at police, and setting fires on the street outside.

People's Department Of Environmental Justice Serves Eminent Domain Notice


By Douglas Smith and Henry Harris. Randolph, VT – Early this morning, members of the People’s Department of Environmental Justice (PDEJ) served notice of eminent domain at the home of VT Public Service Department Commissioner Chris Recchia. Just before 7:00 am PDEJ Members, dressed in hard hats and high visibility vests approached Recchia with a Notice of Eminent Domain. The notice stated, “the land belonging Commissioner Recchia is now under the legal jurisdiction of those most severely impacted by the permitting of the VGS Fracked Gas pipeline project.” It continued, “If Recchia will not take any accountability for his role in rubber stamping extreme energy projects that accelerate the climate crisis, exploit first nations communities and harass the public here in Vermont, the People’s Department of Environmental Justice will continue ongoing education development projects on this property.”

Officers Deny Allegations Of Endangering, Assaulting Cove Point Activist

A boy plays across the street from the Cove Point LNG facility./ Photo by John Zangas

By Anne Meador for DC Media Group – A year ago, defendant Heather Doyle and fellow protester Carling Sothoron had the tables turned on them when they filed an official complaint with the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office. They claimed that they had been endangered and Doyle assaulted on February 3, 2015 when they conducted a publicity stunt to draw attention to Dominion Cove Point, a fracked gas export terminal. Unfortunately for the young women, not only did an internal investigation conclude that no deputies were at fault, the County filed charges against them for making a false statement to an officer.