Rallies Against Comcast Merger & For Net Neutrality Today

NY net neutrality protest Sept 15, 2014

Today’s the final day to comment on FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s plan to create a two-tiered Internet — and at lunchtime I gathered with a crowd of 100 activists outside Comcast’s headquarters in Philadelphia. We were there for a Free Press rally to save the Internet … and we came to demand real Net Neutrality and oppose the Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger. Joseph Torres of Free Press, Bryan Mercer and Hannah Sassaman of the Media Mobilizing Project, Vanessa Graber of Common Frequency and Chris Rabb of Temple University all gave brief speeches, and then people in the crowd spoke out. We livestreamed everyone’s testimonials to a digital billboard our friends at Fight for the Future stationed right in front of the FCC building in Washington, D.C. “So far,” said Torres, “Tom Wheeler has sided with the big broadband companies, demonstrating just how out of touch he is. He doesn’t seem to understand why millions of people have called on him to protect real Net Neutrality by treating Internet service providers as common carriers.”

XM24: Survival & Inspiration Against All Odds

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XM24 is a self-managed social center and public space in Bologna, Italy. It was first occupied in 2002, but its origins go back to the 1990s, to the social centers and the anti-globalization movement of that decade. It is heterogeneous and non-hegemonic, but it holds anti-fascism, anti-sexism and anti-racism to be the three common points that hold the space, its collectives and its individuals together in a revolutionary and pluralistic identification with the broader anti-capitalist movement. The object of this article, written by two militants of the space, is to give a sense of our story and daily practice that, we hope, will be useful to comrades outside of the Italian context.

Occupy & The Climate March

People's Climate March

Like Occupy Wall Street, the People’s Climate March has refused to issue a unified set of demands. It has, instead, favored “big tent” organizing. And like OWS, which took on the 1 percent’s power over the political process, this march is tackling an issue that many know is a serious problem but that still remains outside mainstream discourse Given this, it makes sense that similar tactics would be adopted in both messaging and structure. Like OWS, the march’s greatest success may ultimately be both its impact on the larger conversation and the continuing activities of its constituent parts — just as many Occupy-inspired groups did important work after the Zuccotti Park encampment was destroyed by the NYPD.

Who’s Paying The Pro-War Pundits?

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f you read enough news and watch enough cable television about the threat of the Islamic State, the radical Sunni Muslim militia group better known simply as ISIS, you will inevitably encounter a parade of retired generals demanding an increased US military presence in the region. They will say that our government should deploy, as retired General Anthony Zinni demanded, up to 10,000 American boots on the ground to battle ISIS. Or as in retired General Jack Keane’s case, they will make more vague demands, such as for “offensive” air strikes and the deployment of more military advisers to the region. But what you won’t learn from media coverage of ISIS is that many of these former Pentagon officials have skin in the game as paid directors and advisers to some of the largest military contractors in the world. Ramping up America’s military presence in Iraq and directly entering the war in Syria, along with greater military spending more broadly, is a debatable solution to a complex political and sectarian conflict. But those goals do unquestionably benefit one player in this saga: America’s defense industry.

Response To Tahltan Mining Protest In Sacred Headwaters

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A First Nations group protesting a copper and gold mining site in the heart of the Sacred Headwaters of northwest B.C. was responded to by RCMP officers with rifles on Friday afternoon, according to several eyewitness accounts. Members of the “Klabona Keepers” have occupied a drill site in Tahltan territory, near Iskut B.C. for several days. The drill is operated by Firesteel Resources of Vancouver. Tahltan band member Peter Jakesta helps run the protest camp, and said four RCMP members came in unannounced, took their radios, and told them to leave or risk being charged with theft.

The Last Taboo: Gaza And The Threat Of World War


The attack on Gaza was an attack on all of us. The siege of Gaza is a siege of all of us. The denial of justice to Palestinians is a symptom of much of humanity under siege and a warning that the threat of a new world war is growing by the day. When Nelson Mandela called the struggle of Palestine “the greatest moral issue of our time”, he spoke on behalf of true civilisation, not that which empires invent. In Latin America, the governments of Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, Bolivia, El Salvador, Peru and Ecuador have made their stand on Gaza. Each of these countries has known its own dark silence when immunity for mass murder was sponsored by the same godfather in Washington that answered the cries of children in Gaza with more ammunition to kill them.

OWS Year Anniversary Schedule

Occupy Wall Street movement (2011)

Occupy Wall Street Celebrates it’s 3 Year Anniversary on Wednesday September 17,2014 Our Full Day Schedule for the day’s events happening at Liberty Plaza are as follows: 10:00am-Press Conference-Occupy For The 99%-Present/Upcoming Campaigns-Climate Convergence, No New Wars(In Syria or Iraq),Stop Mass Incarceration(October Month of Resistance), End Militarization of Police Nationally, Occupy The World Business Forum. Raise The Minimum Wage/Decrease The Cost of Living/Tax Wall Street. Stop Wage Theft Now. End Citizens United(Money Out of Politics) 10:00am-3:00pm-OWS Celebrates Independent Media-Workshops, Breakouts, Live Streaming and more.. 11:00am-12pm-Alternative Media is the New Mainstream-Workshop Part 1…

Open Letter To Millennials: The Time To Act Is Now


It is not the happiest days of our young life that determine our place in history. If you are a millennial, I hope to God that you have retired the delusion that we all ought to die young. I hope even that, by now, the desire to live a meaningful life, perhaps to live to a ripe old age and look back with pride at a life well-lived has become the dream of yours. I hope that the aggressive hubris and desire to be the best at things has subsided, and that, at least by now, serious contemplation of what it means to be a good person in this world has given you a new direction. This is important for the conventional reasons – one does not wish to look back at their life at the end and be crushed by total uncertainty of its worth.

Imprisoned Bahraini Human Rights Activist Begins Hunger Strike

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Bahraini police arrested al-Khawaga on Aug. 30 at the airport in Manama, the capital of Bahrain, after she tried to enter the country. Police told her that she had been stripped of citizenship, without providing official proof. Al-Khawaja live-tweeted much of the incident to her popular following. Police then detained al-Khawaja and charged her with assaulting a police officer. Al-Khawaga denied the charges. A medical report from the incident obtained by Sa yed Yousif Almuhafda, vice president of al-Khawaja’s Bahrain Center for Human Rights, said al-Khawaja had minor bruises to her hand. Bahraini police have a documented history of beating and torturing activists, and then denying the incidents occurred. Authorities have since extended her detention twice, and at times denied access to her lawyer and family. Last week Al-Khawaja appeared in court with her arm in a sling, Al Jazeera reported.

Why Protest?

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To protest is to make a statement that challenges a particular way to do things. To challenge the hegemonic power of the state. Elite culture in England has been challenged through creative direct action. The Vietnam War was met with hostility in universities throughout the United States. The stereotype of protesting is wrong. People that protest are most likely, compared to non-protestors, to speak to political representatives. They are also more likely to use protest as an extension of their engagement with the political system, not the only way to engage. Protesting is one way to practice democracy and, in our time, perhaps the only way to maintain the process towards democratization. And anyone can protest. What gets you to protest?

Egyptian Protests Continue

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Like every Friday for the past 63 weeks, Anti-coup alliance (ACA) has called for nation-wide protests in Egypt on Friday. In this post we present a digest of the anticoup events that happened during the day. You can view and download the raw data of our monitoring in Arabic and English. We monitored 89 anticoup events in 21 governates. The top three governates were Cairo, Beni Suef and Dakahlia. Rallies were the most common type of events, followed by stands and human chains.Other protest forms, namely vehicle rallies also happened. There was a diverse range of organizers of protests, including youth, students and women. Dank Movement, that organized another wave of protests earlier this week was also present as an organizer of some events.

Woman Shot At Protest: Police Have Not Spoken To Her

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FERGUSON, Mo. (KMOV.com) – A woman who was shot during the protests in Ferguson said police have still not contacted her. Mya Aaten-White said she was walking down West Florissant August 12 when she was shot in the head. Aaten-White said she was walking back to her car when the shooting occurred. Aaten-White said police have yet to speak to her about the incident. Her alma mater, Howard University, stepped in and appointed a lawyer, but the two were unable to schedule a meeting with police. “I have a strong distrust from them and they have not done what were supposed to do in my case,” Aaten-White said.

False Perception Of Black Crime At Root Of Injustice

Ferguson women hold signs for Mike Brown

This report examines how racial perceptions of crime are a key cause of the severity of punishment in the United States. Race and Punishment: Racial Perceptions of Crime and Support for Punitive Policies, authored by Nazgol Ghandnoosh, Ph.D., research analyst at The Sentencing Project, synthesizes two decades of research revealing that white Americans’ strong associations of crime with blacks and Latinos are related to their support for punitive policies that disproportionately impact people of color. Coming on the heels of the tragic events in Ferguson, Missouri, the report demonstrates that the consequences of white Americans’ strong associations of crime with blacks and Latinos extend far beyond policing.

Will World Bank Punish El Salvador For Protecting Its Environment?

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This summer, we returned to northern El Salvador. That’s where the Pacific Rim mining company started to dig its exploration wells about a decade ago. Near that disputed mining site, local resident Vidalina Morales explained how she and others came to oppose mining: “At first, we thought mining was going to help us out of poverty through jobs.” But, she said, during a visit to a mine in neighboring Honduras, “we saw polluted rivers and people with bad skin diseases, and we learned about the social conflicts that mining brought between those working in the mine and those in the community.”

Tesla’s Net Zero Factory To Power 500,000 Vehicles

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As predicted yesterday, Tesla and the Neveda governor have confirmed that the gigantic battery Gigafactory that will make enough battery cells to power 500,000 electric vehicles per year will be located in Nevada. Governor Brian Sandoval and Elon Musk made the joint announcement, with the Governor saying that this investment in his state represents “nearly one hundred billion dollars in economic impact to the Silver State over the next twenty years” and that he called Tesla and Musk “21st century pioneers, fueled with innovation and desire” (how poetic). Musk, in turn, said that the “Gigafactory is an important step in advancing the cause of sustainable transportation and will enable the mass production of compelling electric vehicles for decades to come.”